Saturday, November 17, 2007

Your Mood is in the Food, Dude.

In his early book, "Creating Health, Beyond Prevention, Toward Perfection," Deepak Chopra, MD, once said that "Health is our natural state". Food, transformed, given consciousness, is us." He considers diet our destiny

Every seven years, our cells replace themselves. When they rebuild do you give them new dime store Chinese made cells, or do you supply your Earth Suit with high quality American plant foods that your physiology will be able to comprehend and utilize. Factory food made by greedy, grey haired, Manhattan swilling, out of touch Fat Cats is virtually 'dead' and supplies our biochemistry with inferior materials to restore this magnificent gift; the human body. Eating devitalized food accelerates the aging process and also devitalizes our family.

How you feel right now is directly related to what you just ate. If you ate a delicious stack of Buckwheat Pancakes with Cranberries and REAL Vermont Maple Syrup you'd feel energized and mentally sharp. For instance, if you ate a Danish Pastry chased by a Coco-Cola or Mountain Dew, then by 10 AM you have an energy shortage, struggling to stay awake till lunch. Meanwhile, the competition lapping you. Sugar is addictive ust like heroin and cocaine. First you're up, then you're down. Now you need more. It's a vicious treadmill of zoom, crash, and burn.
There is also emerging research indicating the sugar fertilizes cancer. That'll mess up a lot of heads.
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