Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Is Gravy a Beverage

It's McCain's Irish oatmeal with sweet wild blueberries for me this AM with a hand full of omega 3 walnuts and organic milk and a mug o' green tea with Sweet Leaf Stevia.
Oatmeal tastes so much richer when using milk plus it increases the protein.
In the 60's I abused myself so much that I've spent the last half of my life undoing the damage I did when I was a young freckled face Midwestern Hoosier boy. Indiana, where gravy is a beverage and Ranch Dressing is their cologne.
I spoke to a small country Christian Church last month about the Bible Diet; what are we designed to consume for optimum performance of the Earth Suit, home of our ever traveling soul. These wonderful down home, salt of the earth, honest folks were riddled with diabetes. The town was quaintly small with a pizza shop and a Rib Joint and I did not see a huge box store where they could purchase a wider variety of healthful foods. These wonderful folks and the rest of America get their information and are influenced with manipulated TV statistics.

When I arrived I met a tall lanky gentlemen with snow white hair who told me he was hypoglycemic or ready for full blown Diabetes Type II. He seemed grateful for the information , but I could detect hesitancy in his eyes. Hoosiers are deeply traditional and dislike change. After my talk, I heard him tell the minister, "Well, there goes our Saturday Prayer Breakfast."
"Why," I inquired?
"Well, for years we've served Pork Sausage Gravy and Biscuits," he lamented
"No offense, but if you want diabetes, that's going to get you there faster."
Bless this food to the nourishment of our body, Dear Lord. You cannot serve the Universe if you are physically compromised

Solution: If they made their gravy out of re-hydrated non-fat dry milk, cornstarch roux, and render off the sausage first and then thoroughly drain the grease, it would be less harmful to their Earth Suit. If you read the label on a box of Bisquick, you wouldn't put this 'Dead"food into your most precious possession; a gift from the Universe. Boco Brand makes a terrific soy sausage that fooled even my grand kids.
As a family, we made fresh biscuits from King Arthur's Whole Wheat flour, and added wheat germ for colon power. It was great family bonding time and the breakfast was outstanding.

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