Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cheap School food is Poisoning our children

It seems we no longer live in a free country.
After scores of readers, students, and faculty at Carmel Clay and Lawrence Township School System wrote to me asking to help them get the fatty, chemically infested food changed within the school system. I approached the Schools System Administrator and received a flat 'NO'. "You can meet our wonderful students, but you are not allowed into kitchen, the walk-in refrigerator, nor the dry good storage" Why?
This 'lady' has DR. in front of her name so I figure she's fairly intelligent and has a solid set of ethics. Not just me, but my editors talked to them and they got the run around too.
Doesn't the Freedom of Information Act relate to this situation. This begs and yells the question, WHAT ARE THEY HIDING. It is going to explode very soon.

Members of WTHR 13, The Indianapolis Star, and myself have been black balled as the head of the Lawrence Township School System angrily screamed at me. A considerable over-reaction announcing they have something to hide on the ingredient labels.

Get pissed, make calls, and demand that you become privy to what the school system is placing into your child's body when you are not around. It is you rightand priviledge.

It is repugnant to think that budget decides the health of our children. Karma is bitch.
Maybe I should explain Karma to you, because you apparently don't care or refuse to acknowledge that food you all are serving is making our children fat and violent. (red dye #40)
Make "Diet for a New America," mandatory reading; it's in big print but has no pictures, sorry.
Give the kids a break.

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