Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sensible Holiday Cooking Tips

Healthy Holiday Tips from Me to You

Thanksgiving: the day we eat over 2400 calories each. Burp! It’s like a competition of who can eat the most; recreational eating without limits, and then a sprint for the recliner to sleep while watching football, a unique male attribute.

Here are some tips for you to make healthy, tasty, holiday food taste, well, tasty.
Try not to over eat is the first obvious advice and indulge instead on health foods like yogurt smoothies, a vegetable and fruit tray, pumpkin (Not Pie), cranberries, turkey breast, green beans, and baked sweet potatoes with real Maple Syrup. Remember Aunt Jamima and Mrs. Butterworth’s are pure High Fructose Corn Syrup. Enough obese Americans have diabetes II already.

When making turkey gravy, cook the turkey the day before, pull off the meat and put it in the serving pan, wrap tightly and refrigerate. Take the carcass, skin, carrots, celery, onions, dry white wine, and bones and boil the wee-wee out of them for a hardy stock.
Put the stock in something safe and leave it outside or in the garage over night and all the fat and grease will float to the top for you to skim off. Now, you have fat free stock to make your whole wheat stuffing with omega 3 walnuts, celery, and onions as well as your gravy and mash potatoes. Use some of the de-fatted stock to make the mashed potatoes instead of butter and cream. When making gravy with the fat-free stock, PLEASE, use cornstarch slurry to thicken the states favorite beverage. A flour and butter roux is two steps backward. Finely ground up Omega 3 rich flax seeds also act as a thickener.

One cup of stuffing is a whopping 400 calories if you do not de-fat the stock and back off on the butter. One cup of Egg Nog contains, gulp, 343 calories without the booze and 593 with booze. One glass of wine is 120 calories. Dig this; one-half cup of mixed nuts is 440 calories, so you can see how fast this all adds up to the annual belt loosening contest or the Bathroom Sprint.

After dinner, get up and move around. If you spend two hours preparing dinner, you've already burned 295 calories; jogging, burns 372 calories for half an hour if you weigh 160 pounds. Swimming, 309 calories. Cycling, 219 and Walking, 261. Taking a walk with the dog, or playing tag fotball with the grand kids will certainly strengthen family bonds and create warm and fuzzy memories.
May we all be grateful for the generosity of the Universe.

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