Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Soy Infant Formula

Were you aware that emerging studies on soy have discovered some dark secrets kept from us over the years. Soy beans, are a billion dollar industry.

Soy contains high levels of phytic acid which reduces the assimilation of calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, and zinc. Diets high with phytate have caused stunted growth.

Babies fed soy-based formula have a 13,000 to 22,000 times more estrogen compounds in their little bodies than babies fed milk-based formulas. Ain't nothing' like the real thing baby!

Birth control for babies! The report continued to say that babies exclusively fed soy formula receive the estrogenic equivalent of at least five birth control pills a day.
Chef Wendell

Monday, February 25, 2008

Diet Soda and the Disease Connection


Science has connected the dots between drinking diet soda, heart disease and obesity. Wait, isn't a cool, sparkling diet beverage sweetened with poisonous High Fructose Corn Crap supposed to help us avoid these two?

Nope. Those ubiquitous beverages cause Metabolic Syndrome. MS is a cluster of risk factors such as excessive fat around your waist, high cholesterol, high blood sugar and high blood pressure, all of which can raise your risk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

Researchers examined the diets of over 9,500 people between the ages of 45 and 64. They were categorized into two groups: a “western diet” that included processed meat, fried foods and red meat, or a “sensible diet” that included more fruits and vegetables, fiber, poultry and fish. They concluded that lots of meat, fried and cured foods and diet soda increase your risk of heart disease.
Reuters January 22, 2008
Circulation February 2008;117:754-761

Peace, Love and Understanding,
Chef Wendell

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Liver Toxins

This morning, I gave a speech to the American Liver Foundation and received quite an education myself.
Were you aware that the additives in cigarettes reduce the liver's ability to eliminate internal toxins? Or hard working friends at the American Liver Foundation motto: "It's Your Liver, or Your Life". Research the spice Turmeric as a liver tonic, but please check with your integrative physician. Less is more and we all have different needs. If you take Warfarin, be forewarned it will alter your INR / Pro-Time.

There are way more then 50 ways to trash your liver. Visit: http://www.liverfoundation.org/

But there are just as many ways to coddle and keep your liver in tip top shape.
Peace, Love and Understanding
Chef Wendell

Friday, February 15, 2008

Heart Disease and Food

Yeah, baby!

I love to eat! Food is our best friend. Before I had heart disease, every delicious morsel was game.
I had not made the connection between food and my health. My Father died of a massive coronary back in 1964, so you might think that I known that.
It appears almost downright un-American, but after I overcame the dreadful disease, I began changing the way I looked at food. Meat was the first thing to go as was cheese. What! No more cheesecake?

Now I ask myself, "Will this feed me or deplete me?"
With that in mind, I dumped two dear frineds; cheesecake and red meat. Why? I learned that foods full of saturated fat is what clogs up our arteries and causes blockages. A no brainer?
Saturated fats add up quickly and innocently. A 9 ounce porterhouse steak has 18 grams of saturated fat and one piece of cheese cake, 8 grams. In just two food items, you will have exceeded your suggested daily intake for ALL fats. Italian sausages contain 14 grams of artery detonating saturated fat. Yikes.
Simply make one change at a time, get used to it, accept it, embrace it and then go on and make another one. Be patient with yourself. Your Holy Temple needs time to adjust.
Peace, Love, and Good Food
Chef Wendell

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Diabetes-Feeling Good is Our Right

Great news!
Medical researchers have concluded that diet and exercise tutoring resulted in a whopping 58% reduction in diabetes risk among people who are prime candidates. The continue by saying that even modest alterations in lifestyle can have a profound effect.
The news, anounced on http://www.medscape.com/ reports that dietary cod protein may help prevent Type 2 Diabetes. Eating lean fish improves insulin sensitivy in insulin-resistant individuals and could help prevent type 2 diabetes.
The more lifestyle changes the better. Feeling good is a human right, but we need to take a proactive roll. Right? Authorities ask pre-diabetic patients to avoid foods made with AP bleached white flour, white rice, salt, white marbeling in red meats, junk food, high fructose corn syrup, and of course, processed sugar.
Eating is as important as breathing, so eat whole, unprocessed foods. Reduce your weight my a mere 5%, cut down your fat intake, especially animal fats. Pump up the fiber, and exercise 30 minutes a day. I keep a jar of wheat germ handy in the refrigerator. I call it "Colon Pow!"
A 30 minute brisk walk with the wife, family pet, or a neighbor should do the trick. Take a 2 to 5 pound weight along for the ride and buff up.
There are 15 million Americans suffering with diabetes: an epidemic. One-third of those cases are undiagnosed, according to the American Diabetes Association. http://www.diabetes.org/
If you have concerns that you may be one of those yet to be diagnosed or are hypoglycemic, then check out this on-line diabetic resource: www.mendosa.com/faq
Say goodbye to biscuits and gravy and hello sun drenched foods from God's apothocary. Whole grains, nuts, fruit and vegetables, lean protein in small portions, more water, less pop, and a solid resolve will rescue you or someone you love from the heart break of diabetes.
You can do it! Now go fish.
Chef Wendell

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Diet Soda Causes Heart Disease

How many people do you now that have a diet cola glued to their hands 24-7-365?
I't more common that you think. As a matter of fact, the ubiqutious carbonated can, glass, or plastic bottle of refreshing soda pop can cause Metabolic Syndrome: a delightful assortment of risk factors for heart disease, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, blood glucose levels, and high blood pressure.

Who would have thought. We messed up again. We trusted. When are we going to learn?

Drinking diet soda, it suggested, puts Americsn's at higher risk of developing risk factors like high blood pressure and high levels of "bad" cholesterol that are connected to heart disease and diabetes. A report published in Behavioral Neuroscience, found that—in rats, at least—cutting the traditional link between sweet flavor and high calories seems to throw off the ability to judge the caloric content of food. That leads to overeating. Smell what I'm cooking?


U.S. News and World Report: Before you toss your cans or, two-liter bottles, though, realize that this study shows only an association; it does not at all prove that drinking soda actually leads to metabolic syndrome. As New York University nutritionist Marion Nestle notes on her blog, the habit might be a marker for some other less-healthy behaviors that actually do cause the syndrome. So, be prudent and try not to drink 10 cans a day until the studies are conclusive.
Plus, the phosphates in cola, strip us of bone-strengthening calcium and the caffeine keeps us dehydrated.

Green tea, iced tea, hot herbal tea, water, fruit juice, and smoothies are all excellent ways to slake your thirst.

Chef Wendell

Friday, February 8, 2008

rBGH in your Children's Milk--Shameful

Reading, 'riting and rBGH: What Kind of Milk Is Being Served in Your Child's School?

I think I'm going to have a cow.

On February 3, 1994, Monsanto began marketing Posilac™, or recombinant bovine growth hormone (rbgh), a delicious drug injected into cows to make them produce 10-20% more milk and profit. Since then, growing numbers of consumers are demanding that milk products from rBGH-injected cows be labeled as such.

Shoppers are seeking out and purchasing rbgh-free milk. And Monsanto is trying to crush this marketplace revolt. I'm sure with a little help from their lobbiest cronies in Washington.
September 17, 2002

I am convinced to be a politician, you must have frontal labotomy, a bottle in front of you and your morals surgically removed. Most politician good-ole-boys are constantly nursing a hangover. Politicians are notorius drinkers. I sure don't want someone with a hangover deciding my future.

How else could you explain 'hiding' damaging hormones meant to make a cow lactate more into our children's daily milk. What happened to "The Right to Information Act?" Conveniently ignored?

Have you noticed how large young womens breast are these days and how they begin their minsteral cycle under age 10. There is a connection.

It is clear the government is infinately more interested in profit than Ameircan human life. The are practiced at the art of deceptiion and are convinced ALL americans are stupid, whacked out on anti-depressents, and pills. They are right, because that's been their plan all along. The United Pharmacopia of America.


Don't Let Indiana Ban Milk Labels! Please.
The Indiana House of Representatives Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development is trying to ban dairy labels that tell consumers whether the cows were injected with genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (Monsanto's Posilac, also known as rBGH).

If Bill 1300 becomes law, rBGH dairy labels will be banned as of July 1, 2008.
Due to overwhelming opposition from consumers and rBGH-free dairies, Rep. Friend passed on the opportunity to hold a House vote on Bill 1300. However, there's still a chance that the bill's language could be attached to another piece of legislation. Please personalize the letter below and send it to your state legislators urging them to oppose the rBGH labeling ban, Bill 1300.
You might have a few well selected words for your legislator if he or she happens to be among those who sponsored or voted for the rBGH labeling ban bill. I wonder if they have children?

Sponsors of the Bill:

Chairman: Kreg Battles, District 56

William C. Friend, Republican, District 23

F. Dale Grubb, Democrat,

District 42Jackie Walorski,

Republican, District 21Phil Pflum,

Democrat, District 56 Voted for Bill 1300 in the House Agriculture and Rural Development Committee:

Phil Pflum, Democrat, District 56 ,

Democrat, District 64 Robert J Bischoff,

Democrat, District 68 Nancy Dembowski,

Democrat, District 17 Terry Goodin,

Democrat, District 66 F. Dale Grubb,

Democrat, District 42 Eric Gutwein,

Republican, District 16 William C. Friend,

Republican, District 23 Thomas Knollman,

Republican, District 55 Don Lehe, Republican, District

Do what you can and avoid commercial grocery store milk and purchase locally.

And people question why I turned Vegan. As a syndicated health columnist, the research I uncover often breaks my heart, but not my spirit. We do not know half of the truths and that's the way they like it. God however, will have something to say about it when they face their maker.

We are on this earth to do good deeds. Monsanto missed the boat to Ethicsville,....again.

God weeps at our stupidity and blind greed.

Peace, Love, and Whole Foods

Chef Wendell

Heart Disease--Veganism

Twenty years ago, I was told, "Wendell, you are going to die. Get prepared.
"Your resting heart rate is 155, you are in atrial fib, there is seven pounds of fluid surrounding your heart, and your heart,... it has doubled in size." A heart virus. Two weeks later, I walked out completely healed. I took charge.

Flash Back: As a seventeen years old, in 1964, I watched my father die from a massive coronary. What did we know in that era about heart disease. Not much. Dad was only 47. Our diet consisted of dead animals three times a day. Bacon or sausage at breakfast, a burger at lunch, then chicken at dinner. In the fifties, no one pulled off the skin before they ate chicken as we have learned to do.

Before my death sentence, I smoked and drank liquor abusively, so my heart was weak and resembled gelatin. I couldn't walk across the street without becoming winded. The heart is a muscle I never exercised.

"You're getting old," people would say.
"I'm ony 40", I'd respond. "I've still got half my life to live and I'm going to feel like this?"

Since then I have lost 100 pounds, turned into a vegetarian, and exercise my heart muscle aerobically 6 days a week, come rain or shine. http://www.halifaxvegetarians.ca/reasons.html

This is why I am proud to announce the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has made me a speaker in Indiana for heart disease preventinon. Their message: Become a vegan. Life taste better than death.


Peace, Love, and Understanding
Chef Wendell

PS: I want to speak to your employees to improve their health.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Silver Tsunami


The Silver Tsunami is heading at us at break-neck speed.

The medical industry says that within the next 6 to 8 years, American hospitals will need 1 million more nurses than they have at the moment to accomodate aging boomers

On top of the, the prediction is that boomers will be fighting over beds with 20 and 30's somethings suffering from the long term affects of an industrial diet. The U.S. Census Bureau projects the number of elderly Americans will nearly double to 71 million by 2030, leaving one physician trained in geriatric care for every 7,665 seniors. No that's going to be a busy doctor.

So, on this auspicous day, my 60th birthday, let's all dedicate the future to taking care of our Holy Temple. More on this later. Time to go celebrate life.

By the way, I was born in the seventh hour, of the seventh day, the son of a seventh son.
Guess I'm a lucky guy. Lucky to have a healthy and happy family.

Chef Wendell

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Well, You Gotta' Die From Something

Someone sends me this propaganda about once a week.

For those of you who watch what you eat, here's the final word on nutrition and health. It's a relief to know after all those conflicting nutritional studies. Wink, wink.

1. The Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans.
Yes, but they eat a constellation of fresh vegetables and little meat.
2. The Mexicans eat a lot of lard and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans.
Yes, they also eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruit.
3. The Chinese drink very little red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans.
They too, eat copious amounts of vegetables and little meat.
4. The Italians drink a lot of red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans.
They also follow the Mediterannean diet which has been associated with good health.
5. The Germans drink a lot of beers and eat lots of sausages and fats and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans.
Yes, but they do more walking than lazy Americans in their gas sucking SUV's

THE WARPED CONCLUSION: Eat and drink what you like. Speaking English is apparently what kills you! Very funny, I say sarcastically.

Will someone please stop that e-mail from making it's rounds. That's what we call disinformation intended to confuse the public. Our governments most effective tool. STOP IT. We are not idiots.

A Concerned,
Chef Wendell

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Victory over Disease Requires Change

What exactly is an agent of change?

"someone who intentionally or indirectly causes or accelerates social, cultural or behavioral change

"...when I was at my peak weight of 246 pounds, super sizing my way to and from work, I didn't see any problem with my behavior. When I smoked 3 packs a day and washed away my stress with a variety of normal remedies" Josh Neimark 2008

It happened to me too. I smacked the wall in turn four just like Mario Andretti. My epiphiny: after a life threatening health event, people make positive sweeping changes to their diet and lifestyle. Death can be a real motivator.

In Josh's case, the changes were dramatic and visually obvious. He lost an amazing amount of weigh and overcame a mysterious ailement that was tearing him down. A battery of invasive tests at Mayo let him know that he was a very sick man, but the mecca of medicine was unable to help Josh. So, Josh took matters in his own hands and healed himself. For the rest of the story: http://www.joshneimark.blogspot.com/

We suddenly get very receptive regarding the care and maintenance our Holy Temple. We like to fool ourselves into thinking we are invincable. We are not invincable, but we are creations of the Universe, here to learn the miriculous virtues of our most prescious gift: the Holy Temple.

Being a good steward of your Earth Suit is paramount to enjoying life and the beauty of the Earth. Oh, yes. Because Josh lost so much weight, he gathered up all of his old clothing, went to the mission on a blisteringly cold day, and gave them away to the homeless. If you go to his web site, he taped the heart warming event for our enjoyment.

I am honored to be a friend of Josh Neimark

Chef Wendell

Diabetes-Kids Deserve to be Healthy

More than 14 million miserable Americans have diabetes, and one-third of these cases are believed to be undiagnosed, according to the American Diabetes Association.

Formerly called adult-onset diabetes, Type 2 now comprises 45% of all newly diagnosed soaring cases of childhood diabetes. There is also a 70% increase amoung people between 30-39. The invincible years.
The reason: Kids are permittted and encouraged by unknowing parents to eat greater amounts of calorie-dense, low-nutrient "fast" and "dead" junk foods. Plus, with their computers, IPods, gameboys, TV, careers, along with poor food choices, weight gain is no big surprise. A dangerous treadmill of conformity. Your amazing body is your buddy and the only one you'll get in this short lifetime. www.diabetes.org/
Mom and Dad, cook more at home and please learn more about the disease. Be good roll models for you loving family. A good start is knowing what foods encourage diabetes, eating whole foods, and exercising more.
Grab the kids, the dog, drag the cat, and anyone else who will join and get some physical activity. Investigators have found that diet and exercise counseling resulted in a 58% reduction in diabetes risk amoung prime candidates; those who eat "dead food" and are sedentary.

The perfect storm. You don't want to tick off diabetes. It's nasty and, like a black hole, will slowly suck the life right out of you. A life too beautiful to waste one minute feeling poorly, especially when the disease is largely preventable. Eat from nature not a factory.
Give your kids the fuel they need which includes a fresh organic vegetables and whole grains with lunch and dinner. For extra help, younger kids need and prefer chewable vitamins.
You can do it. It's a family affair.
Bon Appetite'
Chef Wendell

Monday, February 4, 2008

Burgers Kill

Greetings and Salutations:
Let's face it. The human species likes to take risks. We drive without seatbelts,
bungee jump, free-fall, rock climb, you cheat on your spouse...well, you smell what I'm cooking.
As a culture, we've made hamburgers an American icon, but before you put that next burger into your eagerly awaiting mouth, please read on. Several days ago a news story broke from the Washington Post that a California slaughterhouse fired two employees for using inhumane and possibly illegal methods to sneak sick and hobbled cows past federal inspectors.
Undercover employees from the Human Society of the United States witnessed 'zealous' over use of electric prods to get sick cows on their feet and if that didn't work the cows were chained and draged down a ramp to the killing room. They would also use fork lifts with prongs to roll ailing animals along the ground. If you don't think the animal knows what's going on, think again my friend. All those fear hormones are released into the animal. Deeeelicious.
The meat was delivered to 36 schools including Indiana. Maybe this is why the Superintendants of Carmal Clay and Lawrence Township in Indiana vehemently refuse to let me into their kitchens to write an article regarding what they feed the children. Pathetic, isn't it.
Like cockroaches, if there is one cheating, then there there are others and it happens with horrifying regularity. This is not the way the Universe planned it.
Boca Burgers anyone? We need to say a prayer.
A Sad Chef Wendell

Friday, February 1, 2008

Snacking-Holy Guacamole

Now that it’s time to start thinking about the snacks you’ll serve when your neighbors accept an invitation to watch spoorts on your new Plasma.

Instead of the normal fare of Pizza with 40 pounds of cheese, barbeque chicken wings containing 400 calories each, or the traditional cheddar cheese ball and Taco chips with molten cheese, may I suggest some snack ideas that are simple, full flavored, and a snap to throw together?

Americans eat one billion pounds a year, with Super Bowl Sunday marking the biggest annual consumption day as the HASS Avocado Board estimates 49.5 million pounds of the fruit are eaten during game-time celebrations, states leading guacamole maker in the U.S.

Sloppy Joes are always a hit, but ground beef is a tad fatty, so use ground turkey breast meat. If you want to cut out most the fat, totally degrease the burger meat of use soy crumbles and add a teaspoon of Better than Bouillon beef paste. To darken the meat to look more like hamburger, use Mushroom Soy Sauce* like you would Gravy Master.
*Found at all Asian Groceries.

Soy crumbles can also fake out the family as meat in Spaghetti sauce. Brown with onions, garlic, and olive oil, and know one will be the wiser. Culinary love.

Be careful and read the ingredient label. If it doesn’t say ‘breast meat’ more than likely it has fatty dark meat and some skin in there, which is what you’re trying to evade. That’s the wisdom of reading labels . If you are not makinging the sauce, there are plenty of brands available at the grocer. Buy the one that does not contain High Fructose Corn Syrup or visit your local health food store and buy organic.

When it comes to buns, I know a good set when I see one. We all know that factory, assembly line, processed white flour buns are nutritionally bankrupt. Try Rudi’s Bakery brand whole grain Hamburger Buns.

Everyone offers the ubiquitous vegetable tray, but this time make it with Organic, low-fat Stonyfield Farms yogurt plain yogurt, fresh chopped dill weed, a squeeze of lemon juice, sea salt, fresh cracked black pepper, and some crumbled feta cheese. It can also sub as a dip for baked potato chips. However, corn chips are as fatty as potato chips, so I suggest purchasing the more nutritious Black Bean Taco chips. Spray each with Pam, not Spam Spray then cut them into 8th’s. Bake breifly.

My final snack suggestion: Organic Chicken Breast en Brochettes.

Purchase as many chicken tenders as you need and marinate them in low-sodium soy sauce, REAL maple syrup, several drops of toasted sesame seed oil, 2 cloves of minced garlic, 1 tablespoon of freshly chopped ginger, 1 tablespoon of garlic-chile paste. I say REAL maple syrup, because most pancake syrups, like Aunt Jamima are made from pure High Fructose Corn Syrup. Be sure that the wood skewers also get soaked and marinated over night or they will ignight. Yikes.

Snacking in this fashion will definitely add years to your life and “W’s” to the winning health column.

Hope Your Team Wins

Chef Wendell