Sunday, November 4, 2007

Industrial Food-American Genocide

As a nationally syndicated health columnist with two books and a traveling Motivational Speaker I promote eating nothing but unprocessed organic whole foods from the Universal Apothecary. My ceaseless research has led me to the conclusion that a vast majority of Americans just don't get it or they say, "Well, you gotta die from something" What a bunch of meadow muffins.

Man is basically good, but when it comes to money, you cannot trust anyone. Like Cindy Lauper crooned, "Money Changes Everything." Especially ethics and empathy for the future of the Earth.

As a chef, after conquering a Virus in heart lining my sullen cardiologist said would finish me off, I decided to pay back the Universe and use my podium to educate the masses so they can transcend the western diet of government approved 'Dead' food. Food is the generosity of the Universe.

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