Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Pizza-Cheese is Liquid Meat

How many of you grew up on Pizza. A show of hands. How many threw up after downing a pizza after 12 beers? I certainly did before I transcended my self-destructive eating habits. It was a box of make at home pizza. Ahhh, I recall the gooey cheese and greasy pepperoni, but I know it compromises my health. Pizza wasn't originated to have 20 pound of cheese on each pizza. Good grief!! Of course it tasted ethereal, but all it was made up of was processed white flour dough in a tube, a can of sauce, and a package of Parmesan cheese. The extraordinary amount of cheese on today's Pizza is part of what is making America so fat. According to Grace Slick, Cheese is liquid meat and contains artery detonating saturated fat.

Apparently, thanks to our inattentive and arrogant folks at General Mills, there has been a massive recall of Pizza's around the country that contain E. coli O157:H7. (Web address below) Be aware of these products, especially with those under three and those over 65 who have compromised immunity. Can we no longer trust the food industry with their alluring, albeit, deceiving ads and subtle white lies. Make your demands to the store manager and you'd be surprised how quickly they respond.


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Sjs said...

:) did you know how cheese was invented? It wasnt necessity, it was an accident, read this