Friday, November 23, 2007

Restaurants Kill 4000-News at 6

My dear friend Tony, 75, came to visit this AM with Holiday Greetings. He, as millions of Americans, have been keeping track of young American soldiers deaths in Iraq. The total has crested 4000 young men and women.

Now, digest this. The FDA releases and annual report regarding how many people in America die annually eating in restaurants due to cross contamination and food born illness: 7 million a year get sick eating in restaurants, 325,000 need hospitalization, and 4-5 thousand die. Why don't these figures ever reach mainstream media and why is it not considered just as devestating? Oh, yeah, ...Amereican politicians think they know what's best for everyone, but they cannot prevent 4-5,000 largely avoidable deaths inside their own borders. Shhhhh.

Tony said he asked his cardiologist if she ever heard of Wild Oats or Sunflower Grocery and the Doctor had not. That says it all. They and their massive ego's, do not want us to learn how to avoid a heart attack. Why do you think hospitals are popping up like tulips in spring. Anticipation and greed.

A vast majority of Americans are more knowledgeable about food as medicine than the nutritionally illiteratet doctors, so the physicians tell us we are wrong. Ignorance kills. All they need to read in Omnivores Delima or Diet for a New America, and they'll transcend their ancient-minded ways and become REAL healers of the Universe, not a pharmaceutical clone. Again, man can not improve on God's work. Man is the most destructive, arrogant, and greedy carbon based mammal on the earth. The Universe weeps.

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