Monday, November 12, 2007

Food Dyes and Preservatives vs. Children

What is in our food and why are food makers playing "Fool the Shopper"?
Did someone say greed.

Poor health and nutritional defincies are common among young criminals. New research indicates that the link is more than coincidental, and that treating health and diet problems may be one key to preventing behavioral problems and even criminality. Children killing children.

World-Wide scientific research links hyperactivity-a strong risk factor for criminality-to nutritional deficiencies and food allergies. Some artificial food dyes and preservatives may trigger hyperactive behavior in children. We've seen it reported on the world news.

The risks from these insidious contaminants are unacceptably high especially for infants, the hyperactive, and school children. Ritalin is not the solution; transcending our abysmal Western eating habits is the sensible answer.

Our priority skewed Government MUST take steps to eliminate toxic chemicals from this farce we call a food supply. Please stand up and speak out; stand for something. Make your voice heard in Washington with letters to Senators and to the editors of major metro newspapers.

Save the children. It's the best Karma and a rewards you with a satisfying, wholesome feeling.


Carrie said...

Looks good Chef Fowler! Why can't gravy be a beverage? Oh yeah...saddlebag central. You're so right that the man is jacking up our food. Of course I am a lifelong conspiracy theorist! Rock on

Eat Right Now with Chef Wendell said...

Thomas Jefferson said that every 20 years, Ameica need a good revolution. Now everyone is too stoned on antidepressants to care about anything. Huxley, in Brave New World, was right. The last war will be Americans Vs. the Parmacopia.