Monday, November 5, 2007

Hypocracy at a Cancer Survivors Picnic

Being part of Health Synergies, a miserably failed Integrative hospital, I was asked to attend the Indiana Cancer Center's Annual Survivors Picnic. This was to celebrate remission, those in treatment, and their families. As I approached the picnic area I noticed that the head of the Central Indiana Cancer Center was cooking hot dogs and charred hamburgers on the grill using white bread. On top of that they were serving full sugar coke, and sugary cupcakes. Not a fruit vegetable, or bottle of water in site. They got a $11,000 grant from Eli Lilly, who make cancer drugs.

I felt like Jesus in the money changers temple. BLASPHEMERS!!! Idiotic doesn't give it justice.
"Oh, Wendell, it's just one day and we wanted a picnic theme." he laughingly responded.

"Yes, but you have missed a golden opportunity to teach them a new food paradigm that doesn't cause cancer and other diseases" I reminded him. It was the most irresponsible act by an alleged scholar I've ever witnessed. I had to leave before I freaked out more. My energy was freaking people out. The head told me to prove to him that meat causes cancer and heart disease. I sent him the science, he laughed at me and admitted he loved meat and would never stop eating it.

Remember, this is the head of Central Indiana Cancer Center. Sugar is cancer fertilizer, burnt hamburgers cause cancer, hot dogs cause leukemia, and the cokes cause obesity. The worst part was that Health Synergies alleged Ayurvedic visionary, did not have the spine to defend me.
Charming. That's why it is so hard to make progress when people do not stand up for their beliefs. In Ayurveda, food is considered our destiny.

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