Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Curried Vegetable and Pineapple with Soba Noodles

Now that we've all cheated a mite, here is a great recipe for your personal roto-rooter Purg-Master 101.

This tasty and colorful Curried Turkey with Pineapple dish is brimming with nutrition, enzymes, and fiber to help keep the digestive track rolling along. Many Gastric problems are a result of fermentation going on inside your internal ecology. If you ate a steak and it sits in your 98.6 degree colon for 3 days, can you imagine? That's why you need to eat plenty of fibrous vegetables at the same time.
We are using Soba noodles made from Buckwheat, a fibrous complex carbohydrate related the Rhubarb family. The fresh pineapple contains a compound that will ease the pain of your arthritis to boot. The turmeric in the curry spice is also anti-inflammatory and assists in liver function. What more could you ask for? The Universe is generous.

Enjoy this easy to prepare recipe and try adding some wheat germ to the mix for additional fiber. I call it 'Colon Pow'


Your body is your buddy.

Chef Wendell

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