Monday, January 14, 2008

What's Wrong with Processed Foods

Our generous Creator did not designed humans to eat such copious quantities salt, refined sugar, dead animal fat, and bogus, synthetic chemicals. Nor were we designed to eat manufactured food. Whole, unprocessed food is what is required to grow and survive. It provides us with the appropriate fuel for our biological needs.

These foods can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, dental caries, and elevated triglycerides. Is this you?

Cooking from scratch is a forgotten art, however, you have control of the quality of ingredients.
We no longer cook: we assemble pre-made foods that compromise our Earth Suit.
I just read where pre-washed bags of ready-to-eat lettuce, greens, and spinach contain MSG. Yikes.

Purchasing your produce and meats directly from a local farmer can save you some money as you stimulate and support the local economy. Plus, home-grown always taste wonderful.
Visit: to see where your dinner comes from.

Bon Appetite'
Chef Wendell

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