Monday, January 21, 2008

Turmeric Powerful Anti-inflammatory

As a motivational speaker and syndicated columnist, when I talk and write I better be dispensing accurate information, or I'll get my back side chewed up. When I give information, I truly want it to be helpful and informative.

For several years I've been taking Hydrocodone, Vicoden, to ease the pain in my right knee which desperately needs to be replaced. Since I am on coumadin, a blood thinner, the thought of getting off of it and getting surgery is a bit disconcerting. Desperate to get off the pharmaceutical drugs, I began using bright, yellow turmeric in my cooking and withing two weeks, I was able to throw the liver-stressing vicoden away and I've not felt better in years.

Talking with Dr. William Sobat, head of the Clarian Integrative Care Center recently, I also learned that there are credible studies out there pointing out that turmeric also kills certain cancer cells.

Turmeric, used for 5000 years, is for real. Be sure to purchase the organic versions and don't get carried away. More is not better. If you are taking coumadin, (Warfarin) the blood thinner, be aware that turmeric will raise your test results, so be sure to adjust the drug to your intake of coumadin.

Be Happy,
Chef Wendell


Anonymous said...

you are right. I have been having pain in both knees for months. I noticed an improvement after eating at a Thai restaurant. It happened again and one more time after dinner at a friends house. The only common factor was that I ate curry each time. I have come to learn curry is mainly tumeric. I bought a bottle of it at the grocery store and am now on line doing more research and looking for receipes.

Griffin Brooks said...

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