Sunday, January 13, 2008

Don't Hesitate, Eliminate

My black Lab, Reggie, loves to run, try to climb trees, and chase squirrels just like any other hunting dog. She provides me with so much laughter with her antics. One particular quirk of which I can relate is when she completes Pooping, she takes off in a full run, like she feels like a million dollars.

Considering how some of us are carrying around 20 meals in our belly, it feels great to completely and effortlessly, evacuate. A certain lightness. Please, don't be grossed out. Everyone poops and an efficient elimination promotes excellent GI health.

After almost dieing from a heart virus back in 1988, I became a vegetarian. Vegetarianism is not for everyone and is a very personal decision. Subsequently, however, I lost 100 pounds when I ceased eating animal products like cheese, milk, and partially decomposed animal protein. I began eating whole foods brimming with fiber.

The more aware I became of how important my food choices were to my overall health, the more weight I lost. Not being accustomed to lots of fiber in my digestive system before my epiphany, the newly added ingredient to my diet turned the daily experience of elimination into
only a moment. Not enough time to read one paragraph.

The event should not take 15 hemorrhoid producing minutes.

Happy Trails,
Chef Wendell

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