Thursday, January 10, 2008

Unconscious Eating

You are either a conscious eater who eats to live, or unconscious eater who lives to eat?
From reading today's news, it appears that Britany Spears bizarre behavior is a result of eating poorly; Dead, nutritionallybankrupt, foods

With it raining restaurants, many of us take the biological necessity of eating for granted, opt for convenience, trust the source, and eat on the run, with little or no regard for the ingredients or what effects it leaves in our internal ecology.

We snuggle-up to food for a mixed bag of reasons: It’s our best buddy that does not talk back or interrupt, unless of course you have digestive disorders. We use food to erase the heaviness of the day, to cope with stress, to reward ourselves, to fill the emptiness in our hearts, to overcome our lack of self esteem, or to ease our depression.

Your Earth Suit reacts to food just as sensitively as a pharmaceutical drug, Every delectable tidbit you haphazardly place into our mouths, will positively or negatively affect our health on a cellular level.

Your heart would break if your family physician said, “No more crusty bread, steaming white flour pasta, marbled meats, fried chicken, lard-based fruit pies, deep-fried, cream-filled doughnuts, cookies, gooey cakes, pancakes, processed cereal, Twinkies, frozen yogurt, frankfurters, or fries” Avoiding these unwholesome foods, would drastically improve anyone’s health since these American icons have been associated with heart disease, abnormal behavior, diabetes, obesity, toxin build-up, and cancer.

You are, above all, human. Resolution begins with education, discipline, resulting in focused, conscious eating, seasoned with the loving, emotional support of your family.

If you are freaked out from the bumps in the road of life, learn to have power over your eating behavior, then don’t take anything you place into your Holy Temple for granted. Your body is your buddy and it’s the only one we get this time around. Savor the flavor of life!


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