Thursday, January 31, 2008

Smoothies-The Nectar of Life

When Sandi and I turned Vegetarian, we must admit at first eating more fruits and vegetables was difficult. Both being brought up on the 'Grandma's" diet where everything is cooked to smitherines, sweet, raw fruit was a rarity. Unless, we made a Waldorf Salad swimming in Hellman's Mayo, a Banana Cream Pie, Pumpkin Pie, or fruit Cobblers.

With nutritional authorities telling us to eat up to 13 portions of antioxidant fruit and vegetables a day, how in the world does one eat that much? I've decided that folks would rather swallow than chew, so I came up with a smoothie concept that feeds your Earth Suit a constellation of nutrients in several delicious gulps.

You'll need a blender. Simply use an assortment of your favorite fruits, a juice base such as orange juice or apple cider, and a raw carrot. Last night it was apple cider, a hand full of frozen blueberries, a carrot, and Kefir, which contains 10 probiotics to stimulate the immune system.
Sandi loved it.

Make it as thick or thin as you like, but do your best and try to drink one of these daily. Mix it up daily with other seasonal fruits so you will receive a good balance of Universal nutrients: a gift of the Universe. If you don't tell the kids what's in it, they will think it's a treat.

That's the way God planned it, that's the way God want's it to be.

Peace and Love,
Chef Wendell


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