Friday, January 11, 2008

Eating with Purpose-Slow Down

Foods make your Earth Suit and mind happy plus cultivates well being. Every single food on this beautiful blue planet in uncooked or processed form, leave its positive or negative imprint in the body long after it has left our Holy Temple.

Is my food feeding me, or depleting me? Foods alter, transform, and determine how the efficiently your body works. Especially the clarity of the mind.

The more naturally the food is processed, the more health benefits are available.
When you eat, never be angry. Your mind should be filled with gratitude, mental clarity, and peace. Chew slowly; digestion begins in the mouth.

Gulping down un-chewed foods that go against our nature ages us rapidly; like keeping your foot on the accelerator of your new automobile till you throw a rod, so to speak. Slow down. Enjoy the ride. Eat conscientiously.

Happy Eating,
Chef Wendell

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