Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Flossing Teeth and Heart Disease

Did you ever associate flossing your teeth and heart disease?
Because I have a 'man-made' mytral valve replacement, one hour before I visit the dentist I am required to take a massive dose of anti-biotic to prevent run-away bacteria from my teeth making it into my blood stream. Bacterial love to hang out on my fake valve, and that would be my demise.

Anti-against, Biotic-life. This process is GI track genocide so I ask the dentist if he was going to replace what he killed and he admitted that it would probably be a splendid idea, but it was not and never has been dental protocol. We were referring to using probiotics, Pro-for, Biotic-life

In 1988 I overcame a death sentence: Viral cardiomyopathy. A virus had homesteaded in the lining of my heart and I was days from dieing. Literally. Recently my Brother came back from Tuscany not feeling well. After a week, he went to his physician and found he had a bacteria in his blood stream. The type of bacteria specifically found on teeth. He could have died.
Three weeks of antibiotic treatment later, he is fine.

Without a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria in our blood stream, the overabundance of bad can cause serious health issues. Did you ever associate flossing with heart disease?

Make eating yogurt, Kefir, or taking a probiotic supplement vital to balancing the good guys and the bad guys in your GI track. And finally, I know it's a pain, but floss twice a day. It just might save your life. Now open up and say, ahhhhhhhhh.

Orally Yours,
Chef Wendell

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Brant Silvers said...

Break out the floss! We love you Wendell!