Friday, January 4, 2008

Anti-biotics vs. Pro-Biotics: a Balance

What a glorious day to be alive. We live in a beautiful world.

My thought for you today is: If an allopathic physician prescribes you an antibiotic and you take it as prescribed, shouldn't the physician eventually prescribe a Pro-biotic? The balance of good and bad bacteria in the GI tract is exceedingly important to our overall health. After all, is this not wholesale genocide? Joking of course.

If we treat the body as a whole, then this should be dental protocol. Replace what you destroy.
A Dental instructor once told me that it takes your GI tract one year to replace the balance of good and bad bacteria.

I suggest going to your favorite health food store and purchase a bottle of Pro-biotic tablets for those times. Do not buy them unless the are refrigerated. My valvular heart is susceptible to bacterial infection from, of all things, specifically, the bacteria that live in my mouth. Now, doesn't brushing and flossing twice a day make more sense?

Who would have thought?

Happy Trails
Chef Wendell

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Also, I've read that when taking probiotics, it's good to research when and how many should the probiotics be taken just so the probiotics and antibiotics don't conflict/cancel out with each other.