Thursday, December 6, 2007

Revolting Food-Save the Children of the Future

After repeatedly watching two Toyota commercials promoting insurance fraud by destroying your old car to get a new one, it makes it easier to digest why folks are so desensitized to deceiving, misleading advertising by soulless, mega conglomerates. Remember how they used to say cigarettes were good for you?

They obviously think we are stupid and whacked out on anti-depressants so we don't care. At least that's what Aldous Huxley believed when he authored the classic, Brave New World.
But we are much smarter than they think. Correct.

Thomas Jefferson once said that every 20 years we need a good revolution to keep this country honest. A food revolution before it is too late to help the children of the future.

Peace, Love and Compassion
Chef Wendell

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