Saturday, December 22, 2007

Disease is Profitable--Health is Proactive

With as many hospitals these days as there are convenience stores, one could conclude that 'they' know something we don't. With the schools feeding our kids cheap, toxic food and Madison Avenue smart bombing them with advertising encouraging them to eat dead food, hospitals will soon be overloaded with a 20 and 30 something pandemic along side the aging geriatric generation.

Blinded by profit, we've lost our moral compass and our humanity for our fellow man. We go to church and worship God, but during the week, all bets are off. Cafeteria religion, I call it.

After chatting-up a variety of patients and folks who have done time in a hospital, they vehemently complain about the prices charged and physician insensitivity. They are unconscionable. They've got us by the short hairs. Money and arrogance go hand in hand. Ever try to have a decent conversation with a physician with out them talking down to you?

I've concluded that its more profitable to allow Americans get sick with diabetes, cancer, or heart disease than it is to implement proactive prevention. I think the allopathic folks are great at triage and dispensing symptom-masking medication, however, if the sickness is due to poor nutrition, then what good is a pill? On a positive note, there is a growing population of savvy physicians that have concluded that processed food seasoned with preservatives causes disease.

Learn how to use food as medicine and each time you eat, ask yourself, "Is this food feeding me, or depleting me?" You can do it. Food from the Universe is powerful medicine.

Chef Wendell

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