Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Red Meat Preserved with Carbon Monoxide

The FDA and the overly powerful meat industry has come up with yet another monstrous method of exposing red meats to carbon monoxide as what they refer as,"pigment fixative" to treat meat in order to help it retain it's redness."

As any Integrative physicians will tell you, this is just another way the industry is deceiving you. Would you want to eat a two year old steak? I doubt it, but you've eaten them already, kind folks, along with cloned meats. If the Cosmos didn't create it, then we should reconsider putting it in our Holy Temple. No surprise this process saves the meat industry billions of dollars at our expense. www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/02/19/A

Here is how it works: the meat industry states without guilt that carbon-monoxide, or "Modified Atmosphere Packaged Meats" will look bright red and fresh after it goes bad, and that carbon monoxide, tail exhausts from your car, similarly hide bad odors, slime, and other indicators that the meat has rotted. Because of carbon monoxide, irradiation, and red dye #40, some meats on the grocers shelves could be up to two years old. Consider your loving family.

This practice is banned in the EU and also in Canada and Japan. However, out-of-touch, greed blinded American politicians think they know what' best for the rest of the world'
Such arrogance. God weeps!
Peace and Love,
Chef Wendell R. Fowler

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You are a genius and we are all grateful that you are spreading the Food Gospel. Preach it, brother!