Monday, December 17, 2007

Army Mess Hall Meals_Nutritional Disaster

Good Morning:

Sitting here reading the morning paper while eating my oatmeal cooked with fresh cranberries, cinnamon, and apple cider, I came across an appetite dulling story from the Army Times.

The headline reads,"Mess hall meals can be recipe for fitness disaster". It reports that US troops gain an average of 10 pounds upon deployment. There is little opportunity for exercise as they set around and watch their stomachs grow and their energy levels drop.
Not a sane recipe for success, but the American way. Shameful of our government to serve crap to our soldiers so large conglomerates can prosper from war. Go ahead, get blind drunk on your Manhattans, beat the wife, and kick the dog, and don' tyou dare think about our troops.

Who was it that said an army fights on it's stomach? They feed our warriors endless mountains of pastries, double pork chops, mashed potatoes or hush puppies, overcooked, frozen vegetables. Wouldn't an MRE be better. :) The Army report goes on to say they can eat ice cream till it comes out of their ears. (Star News Service)

Those in control of the menu selections say the responsibility falls on the soldiers. "No one forces them to eat". How absurd and ignorant. They are told to make better food selection choices, but when the food options consist of processed, Government approved, ..wink, nutritionally bankrupt processed garbage, our soldiers are less than effective.

Peace on Earth,
Chef Wendell

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