Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Red Meat Causes Breast Cancer

Red meat has been shoved down our throats since we were kids. There was no other choice in the 50's. We were weened on 'dead cows' in the Midwest. As you may recall, each year, Dad would take us to pick out a black Angus and had it slaughtered for out culinary enjoyment. It was conveniently packaged and marked for content. As a vegetarian for 20 years, looking back...very bizarre.

We shouldn't ridicule the Indians of Asia for worshiping the Brahman cow because we worship the cow too; just in a different way. With steak sauce. Recent research indicated cancer is caused especially by 'partially decomposed barn animal' that was cooked till it was black charred.

Recently while awaiting the dentist, I sat down next to a gal who was wearing a pink cancer T-shirt indicating she took part in the 'Run for the Cure". If you think about it, that's' like closing the barn door after the cow got out.

I proposed to her that instead of focusing on the cure, they should organize a "Race for Prevention" instead. Makes much more sense since science has proven that consuming red meat causes Breast Cancer. Hello, anyone home? Add the word, Pro-active to your vocabulary and develop a solid relationship with your Integrative Health Care physician.


Peace, Love, and Understanding,
Chef Wendell

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