Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hey, School Supers-The Senate Disagrees

Reuters, (Dec.5,2007) reports that high-calorie snacks and sugary drinks would be banned in school stores and vending machines under a proposal that Senate sponsors called the broadest overhaul of food sales rules since the 70's.

I have to belly-laugh because I was black-balled from the frightened Carmel Clay School and Lawrence Township school systems cafeterias. This was told to me by the school cafeteria manager at Lawrence. They were vehement in their refusal to let me, the Indy Star, and others into the kitchens to see what they are serving the students. WHAT ARE THEY HIDING?

Any moron must know that this creates a suspicious scenario. The Indy Star has repeatedly asked for a breakdown of all the foods and the even the Indy Star keeps getting put off.

Educated folks care about the vitamin content as much as the damaging ingredients used to preserve the food. The vitamin content is moot if the other ingredients are poison containing unpronounceable, chemically derived ingredients . Food dyes, especially the sinister Red Dye #40 causes aggressive and violent behavior in children, yet we shove Ritalin down their throats.

This was reported last week by the London Daily. Quite sinister and uncaring of local educators to blow off solid science for the sake of their paychecks. These are the educators that need to take inventory of their souls and ethics.

If you put a DR. in front of your name, you sure better be prepared to back up the reasons for serving 'DEAD' food and have an educated, un-biased, science based, adult discussion. But alas, they have closed the doors even to tax paying citizens who pay for the 'Nutritionally bankrupt" food and fear for the future health and well being of their loving children.
We'll pray to God for the awakening of your hearts and the development of ethics!

Peace, Love, and Acceptance
Chef Wendell

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