Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Boogers and Greens

While shopping recently, I was standing next to a couple who was going through the produce to make a dinner selection.

"Now Bill, you know what the doctor said. You've got to eat a plant based diet unless you want to get heart disease. How about this spinach or kale, they are full of nutrients," she suggested.
Her apple-shaped, burly-burly man husband wasn't down with the plan and snidely remarked,
"I'd rather eat boogers than green food".

Dark leafy green contain calcium 1110% of your daily vitamin K for strong bones, 294% of your daily vitamin A needs, Vitamin C, Iron, Omega 3, B vitamins, and 65% of your daily folate needs. Other compounds in green leafy vegetables help prevent macular degeneration and cataracts, so loosen up a tad and give them a shot.

Helpless to stifle a chuckle, I broke out into a full blown belly laugh.
Now I might expect that from a child, but from a full grown man. Keep in mind, the strength it takes to overcome bad eating habits is what's really macho, not eating red meat three times a day. That's what we call obsession.

Science says that each time we eat red meat, we do immediate arterial damage. If you plan on eating meat till the day you 'meat' your maker, at least half you plate should be piled high with fresh vegetables. Canned vegetables do not count and are nutritionally bogus.

Buy your meat and produce from local sources and contribute to the local community.

Peace and Love,
Chef Wendell Fowler

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