Monday, December 17, 2007

High Meat Consumption=Cancer Risk

Why is it they we just don't get it? Are we that selective?

How many of you were grossed out by the hamburger commercial where two macho, brawny men were snarfing down an enormous hamburger with two patties of beef and 4 pieces of bacon, and then cheese to add insult to injury. Since when do they advertize heart attacks on a bun?
Maybe that's why all these hospitals are being built.

Who ever created THAT commercial definitely has stock in the company and is a bit on the mentally disturbed side. Meat is macho, my butt.
It takes a brawny, courageous person all the bravery they can muster to eat a little ole carrot.
You knew, of course, there is no fiber in meat. Just ask Elvis Presley. The King. His autopsy is on line.

I catered for NBA Charters for 16 years. They think eating too much red meat takes away from their performance. Meat takes a ton of energy to digest. Eating vegetables to save your life, improve your job performance and mental clarity is not for Sissy's.

"Red meat and processed meats (bacon, sausage poultry sausage, lunch meats, cold cuts, ham, hot dogs and low at hot dogs) have been associated with elevated risk with colorectal and liver cancer," said lead author, Amanda Cross, an epidemiologist at the National Cancer Institute.

Odd how our moral compass gets out of whack when it comes to making profitable TV commercials by appealing to certain markets.

I just can't visualize the Prince of England stuffing his face like a heathen, chewing and enormous amount of artery detonating fat and waisted, empty calories, with his mouth open and sauce dribbling down his cheek. Gross! Great roll model for the kids, dude.
Live and Let Live, or....

Chef Wendell

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