Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fishy Heart Health: Just the Flax Mam

Feel like you are swimming through jello every day? No pep, no energy, cannot think straight? Well here's your problem Bucko: not enough cold water fish or fish oil supplements that contain DHA, a brain fertilizer, a vital component of our brain tissue and neurons.

DHA supports cognitive function, membrane fluidity and nerve transmission processes. DHA is also found in high amounts in the retina and is important for normal vision. Vegetarians, take flax oil caps. I suggest Udo's Oil or Carlson Brand Norwegian Fish Oil Caps from the chilly Fjords of Norway.

The DHA & EPA in essential fatty acids also supports a healthy stable heartbeat, maintains blood vessels to support circulation throughout the body, supports immune system health, and heart health.

Arthritis bumming you out? The DHA and EPA in cold water fish and their oils, support healthy joints and comfortable movement by promoting healthy levels of the correct compounds that our cells recognize. Excellent news from the Universal apothecary!

Peace, Love, and Acceptance
Chef Wendell

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