Friday, May 7, 2010

Vitamin C-Scurvy Anyone?

How’s Your ‘C’ Levels?

As you flower on the proverbial tree of life, no other Earthly nutrient besides Vitamin C has been shown to have such awesome beneficial effects on your current state of health. Certainly by now you can clearly see today’s health care calamity is generally a result of inadequate nutrition discharged from the Western diet of industrially-altered foods of convenience.
‘C’, a powerful antioxidant feeds the immune system, offers cancer prevention and is essential for healthy bones, smooth, moist skin and strong teeth, as well as the production of collagen. C is requisite for successful internal and external wound healing.
Sweet, luscious tropical orange au jus plays an abundant roll in American culture; feeding millions, accompanying bacon, eggs, vodka and providing wages for thousands of pickers, packers and processors. As OJ’s original nutrient composition became industrially diminished over decades, America lost sight of the icons worth; with each generation accepting it diminished nutritional contents as the new norm. For example, Sunny-D is a dietary weapon of mass consumption; candy. The ersatz beverage is brimming with high fructose corn syrup, canola oil, only 2% fruit pulp, natural flavorings, cornstarch, food dye, and everyone’s favorite, sodium hexametaphosphate; an agent used in the industry of soap, detergents, water treatment, metal finishing and plating, pulp and paper manufacturing, synthesis of polymers, photographic products, textiles, scale removal and agriculture. Like drunken sailors, corporate America lost their way seeking the illusive Sea of Nutritional Righteousness.
In the late 1800’s, due to a dietary lack of C, sailors developed scurvy. Arrrrrgh Matey, for months at a time, swarthy sea dogs didn’t have access to fresh plant foods and began bleeding out of their bodies. Bless their hearts; they had no collagen production happening to prop up their weakening arterial health. Vitamin C is essential for the synthesis of collagen; the building blocks of muscles, ligaments, bones, tendons and tissue, and bone structure therefore preventing osteoporosis. Lesson learned; they began stowing bushels of limes, giving birth to the term, ‘Limey’.
The World Health Organization (WHO) insists a diet featuring carotenoids, flavonoids, folate and magnesium from citrus fruits and vegetables offer protection against heart disease, the #1 Killer of women. C’s potassium content guards against stroke, arrhythmias, and helps to control cholesterol while lowering blood pressure.
Just one juicy orange smoothie or seven strawberries supply more than 100% of your Temple’s daily vitamin C requirements. In 1989, the RDA of 60 mg for the average healthy adult was increased, however, still woefully insignificant. Certified Nutritionist, Carolyn Landon of Indianapolis, suggests starting with 500 IU’s then build up to 1000 per day. If your stool gets loose, then back off. Everyone’s threshold is different. University of Milan, Italy researchers say consuming vitamin C supplements does not, however, provide the same protective benefits as fresh produce.
Foods with C appear to reduce mouth, larynx and pharynx, and stomach and digestive cancers by 40-50%. ‘C’ from fresh Farmer’s Market produce disarms cancerous free radicals, preventing damage inside and outside your cells. Most cardiovascular disease joint disease, cancer, diseases of the eye, thyroid, joints, liver and lung require special emphasis of C intake, but not from Orange Crush. Those with acne, alcoholism, Alzheimer’s, asthma, Autism, depression, diabetes, IBS, and Parkinson’s need be especially focused on adequate C intake. You can do it.
Low C levels impair your Temple’s ability to defend against bacterial infections. A 500 mg dose will soothe inflammation and thwart gum bleeding from periodontal disease. People who frequently get colds, infections and flu typically have low C levels in their white blood cells. Health white blood cells are needed for the immune system to destroy inhaled and digested environmental free-radical toxins.
Glorious produce jam-packed with C include kiwi, cantaloupe, grapefruit, raspberries and blueberries, pineapple, Acerola cherries, lemons and limes, papaya and strawberries. Vegetable sources include any dark leafy green, broccoli, sweet potatoes, tomatoes and crunchy red bell peppers. Ironically, at this time when patriotic Americans need fresh produce more than ever to prevent costly, sometime mortal disease, our society has become Vegaphobic. Face it, only 2% of the collective American advertising budget is spent promoting fresh foods from God’s healing and sustaining celestial apothecary. Father knows best!
The Holy Temple cannot synthesize its own ‘C’ booty; therefore it must be pirated from plant-based foods, not a swarthy scientist. With community Farmer’s Markets bursting everywhere, why accept less than the real thing?

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