Friday, April 3, 2009

Is Food Making You Sick, Tired and Depressed?

Your Mood is in the Food
Chef Wendell


“Almost right after I finish eating at a fast food restaurant I begin feeling very depressed, sickly and sleepy; like I've been drugged and it scares me. I'm a preschool teacher so I always have to be at my best, but every time I eat at a fast-food place or the school cafeteria, I feel like this. Why?” (Greenwood, IN)

Fast, processed food brims with dead animal fat, fruitless calories and health-altering preservatives. This explains the ‘sick and tired’ feeling. Feeling depressed? It’s likely you’re feeling disappointed in yourself for eating something that is not good for you, but instant gratification prevailed.

When wholesome folks eat against creations heavenly design, their holy temple cannot function normally. Famished human cells are incapable of recognizing and making good usage of an altered, processed food; therefore the holy temple suffers from the dubious nourishment. It needs the real thing, baby.

Remember, every seven years your glorious holy temple replaces every cell. If the body is not supplied with the proper re-building tools, aging accelerates, vital organs suffer, you crepe’ up, putting the welcome mat on the door step of chronic disease.

Ever woken up feeling like dog poo wishing you hadn’t eaten what you ate? How you feel at this very moment in time depends on what you most recently consumed. If you broke the 8 hours ‘sleeping-fast’ with a Cinnamon bun and coffee with cumulus nimbus clouds of half and half and more immune-suppressing sugar, by 10 AM you’re almost certainly combating the sand-man. When you eat a super-sized cheeseburger, fries, fizzy-drinks and a sugary dessert, your afternoon energy equity is squandered supporting the besieged digestive process instead of providing your brain with fresh oxygen.

That’s why you feel lethargic after a heavy meal of greasy, processed foods; lack of oxygen flow to the gray matter. That just ‘ain’t’ natural.
Multitudes of whole foods are generous at helping create the daily groovy feeling of lustrous physical, mental and spiritual health; others simply defy our design ultimately compromising our natural God-given condition; a health mind, soul and body. Foods such as sun-blest, locally produced fruits, vegetables, small amounts of animal protein and dairy products, seeds, nuts and whole grains, speak the nurturing language of human cells.

If you purchased a set of shiny new wheels, drove it out of the show room and constantly kept the proverbial peddle to the metal, sooner, than later you’ll throw a rod. Aging arrives swiftly enough without our assistance.
Dog gone-it’! Feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed is man’s outright birthright; you deserve to feel good, the way a Hoosier should! After all, in Genesis 1:29 we came with instructions. I don’t recall, however, the scripture, “Thou shalt consume foods from a machine. Go forth and genetically alter my gifts’.

Cut yourself some slack: your body is your buddy. Eat a whole foods diet; you’ll be looking for fun and feeling groovy.

‘Feel Groovy’ Recipe for Quick Energy
Organic Yogurt
Fresh pineapple

1 carrot, unpeeled
2 Dates

1 tsp. ground flax seeds

Raw honey to taste

Either a splash of 2% organic milk or plain soy milk.

Combine everything in a blender for a speedy, energy-boosting smoothie.
Adjust the consistency to please your household.

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Tyrone Ferrara said...

What can I say, I’m just a sucker for those nasty greasy burgers. But I do hear what you are saying and I do know I have to change my eating habits.

This post does help! Keep up the good work.