Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Money and Biased Information Kills-HFCS

It was an ugly scene. I just returned from shopping for groceries where I ran into an RDA, who represents the soy bean and pork council of Indiana. Several summers ago I was speaking at the State Fair grounds to 300 people. When I was finished, this gal literally ran up to me, pointed her finger in my face, and said I shouldn't be bashing those 'pesky' trans-fats as she called them. Huh? She loves to fight and instigate confrontation. You know the type.

Well of course she's defending hydrogenated soy oil...that's her job. Why then, did NYC ban it? Because it has been directly connected to heart disease. Soy is slow suicide, and I do not encourage anyone to eat it. The NIH did an 11 year study that says when we eat too much tofu, for example, we will enter dementia sooner than later. (Dr. Lan Wright) We are bombarded enough these days by estrogen. Plus, processed soy meat substitutes are no better than commercial, assembly line food.

Now, she is telling the American pubic that they are getting too worked up over this 'Pesky' High Fructose Corn Syrup fear. With friends like her, who needs enemies or enema's.

She refutes conclusive scientific evidence from the Cleveland Clinic, Mayo, Berkley, and Harvard studies. THAT'S why people get so confused. She is abusing her podium and missing a great opportunity to help people avoid diabetes and obesity. Money changes everything,...yeah, baby.
May The Truth Prevail
Chef Wendell

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