Friday, November 16, 2007

Chicken Tartar Anyone

We eat sushi blow fish, steak tartar, drive without seat belts, bungee jump, base jump, we drive without seat belts, walk across the street without looking, sex at 8, smoke or inhale cigar second hand smoke, drink and drive, eat school lunches, have sex at 80 MPH, eat hamburger, and many other treacherous activities. As humans, we are addictively self-destructive, adore tempting fate for the Adrenalin rush it gives us. We place our kids in the hands of public schools where they are poisoned with government approval at lunch, we drive without seat belts over crumbling infrastructures , and I dare say that some die hard carnivores, just to be cool, gaging down chicken tartar: 'Haute Cuisine' of the next generation of Foodies.

How come it takes 'till we are deathly ill or dieing, before we put proactive prevention into place. Savvy Allopathic doctors will tell you that disease is primarily caused by bad genes or by a nutritional decency. That's what it took for me. I got hit in the head with the Holy-2-By-4.
God wasn't finished with me yet. I had a mission. A mission from "Gaad"

I'm a chef; Hippocrates, the father of medicine said in 400 BC that food is medicine, ergo, chefs are theoretically the doctors of the future. In an imperfect, turbulent, world, where everything is allegedlly perfect ...tradition blindly dictates. The masses want to eat crap because, simply, it taste good. That's what food represents to most folks. Instant oral gratification during times of stress.

Guys who don't eat food with zinc or manganese generally experience ED. ED is also caused by blood flow blockage similar to that of someone with heart disease. So, what you eat affects your the flow of ALL your plumbing. Before I would tell someone to take Viagra, I'd suggest two weeks of a normal dose of Zinc and manganese. (Quinoa seed, is full of zinc as well as nuts and oysters.)

Your entire food paridgm will change after digesting Diet for a New America or Omnivores Delima. Educate yourself in the nuances of caring spiritually, mentally and physically for the most generous gift from the Universe: the Holy Temple; transcend fear with love. Let the future saturate itself with waves of exciting awareness and discovery that will gradually unfold. Taste, savor, and utilize. Under spiritual influences, we are special, albeit, addicted to our destructive ego...Till our last breath.


Unknown said...

It's amazing that Quinoa is full of nuts and oysters. And that people have sex at 8.

Step AWAY from the keyboard. In fact, don't ever touch a keyboard again. At least not until you have received a proper education or hired a proofreader, ghost writer, or real motivational speaker.

There are much more effective ways to get your point across than bad prose, misspelled words, and incorrect grammar.

Anonymous said...

Grograman, one of my friends in junior high got *pregnant* at 11 years old. I have no doubt sex at 8 is that far off in this society.