Friday, November 9, 2007

Give up Cheese: Surely you Jest

As a successful chef for 35 years, I know food fairly well and used to eat more than my share whenever possible. That's why I weighed in at 285 pounds. I now weigh 185 pounds and have never felt better. I lost most my weight when I quit eating cheese.

As I began to study the deepere meaning of food and what reactions occure inside our Earth Suit after we have eaten it, whether it be good or bad; I wanted to know more.

Cheese is a huge factor in weight gain with take-out Pizza's moaning under a mountain of gooey, hard to digest, molten cheese. Foods that are hard for us to digest accelerate the aging process.

Several years back I discovered Galaxy Nutritional Foods Veggie Slices which are cholesterol free and contains o% trans fat. Years ago, soy cheese grossed me out, but this brand cooks just like cheese. It is low in sodium, and contains iron, vitamin E, B6, and B12. It also contains calcium, vitamin A, D, Riboflavin, and Folic acid and also comes shredded for casseroles.
This Holiday season, use it in your green bean or broccolil casseroles.
My wife Sandi and I place it on Ezekiel Bread, spread it with Smart Balance, and make grilled cheese that the grand kids even like. These products can be found at most mainstream grocery stores. I shop at Kroger.

With the exception of Goats Cheese, commercial processed cheese contains just as much saturated, artery detonating fat as meat.
Your body is your buddy: treat it with love.

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