Friday, February 8, 2008

Heart Disease--Veganism

Twenty years ago, I was told, "Wendell, you are going to die. Get prepared.
"Your resting heart rate is 155, you are in atrial fib, there is seven pounds of fluid surrounding your heart, and your heart,... it has doubled in size." A heart virus. Two weeks later, I walked out completely healed. I took charge.

Flash Back: As a seventeen years old, in 1964, I watched my father die from a massive coronary. What did we know in that era about heart disease. Not much. Dad was only 47. Our diet consisted of dead animals three times a day. Bacon or sausage at breakfast, a burger at lunch, then chicken at dinner. In the fifties, no one pulled off the skin before they ate chicken as we have learned to do.

Before my death sentence, I smoked and drank liquor abusively, so my heart was weak and resembled gelatin. I couldn't walk across the street without becoming winded. The heart is a muscle I never exercised.

"You're getting old," people would say.
"I'm ony 40", I'd respond. "I've still got half my life to live and I'm going to feel like this?"

Since then I have lost 100 pounds, turned into a vegetarian, and exercise my heart muscle aerobically 6 days a week, come rain or shine.

This is why I am proud to announce the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has made me a speaker in Indiana for heart disease preventinon. Their message: Become a vegan. Life taste better than death.

Peace, Love, and Understanding
Chef Wendell

PS: I want to speak to your employees to improve their health.


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