Friday, February 15, 2008

Heart Disease and Food

Yeah, baby!

I love to eat! Food is our best friend. Before I had heart disease, every delicious morsel was game.
I had not made the connection between food and my health. My Father died of a massive coronary back in 1964, so you might think that I known that.
It appears almost downright un-American, but after I overcame the dreadful disease, I began changing the way I looked at food. Meat was the first thing to go as was cheese. What! No more cheesecake?

Now I ask myself, "Will this feed me or deplete me?"
With that in mind, I dumped two dear frineds; cheesecake and red meat. Why? I learned that foods full of saturated fat is what clogs up our arteries and causes blockages. A no brainer?
Saturated fats add up quickly and innocently. A 9 ounce porterhouse steak has 18 grams of saturated fat and one piece of cheese cake, 8 grams. In just two food items, you will have exceeded your suggested daily intake for ALL fats. Italian sausages contain 14 grams of artery detonating saturated fat. Yikes.
Simply make one change at a time, get used to it, accept it, embrace it and then go on and make another one. Be patient with yourself. Your Holy Temple needs time to adjust.
Peace, Love, and Good Food
Chef Wendell

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The McGuire's said...

Wendell, I am new to your blog but have been reading your article in the Current in Carmel every week for a while. Can you please educate me more about what your daily diet is and if there is in fact a difference between organic meats and those that are not from your persepective. I have read several articles from people who see it as a huge difference but I would like to hear it from someone who is a vegan but a former meateater.