Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Diabetes-Kids Deserve to be Healthy

More than 14 million miserable Americans have diabetes, and one-third of these cases are believed to be undiagnosed, according to the American Diabetes Association.

Formerly called adult-onset diabetes, Type 2 now comprises 45% of all newly diagnosed soaring cases of childhood diabetes. There is also a 70% increase amoung people between 30-39. The invincible years.
The reason: Kids are permittted and encouraged by unknowing parents to eat greater amounts of calorie-dense, low-nutrient "fast" and "dead" junk foods. Plus, with their computers, IPods, gameboys, TV, careers, along with poor food choices, weight gain is no big surprise. A dangerous treadmill of conformity. Your amazing body is your buddy and the only one you'll get in this short lifetime. www.diabetes.org/
Mom and Dad, cook more at home and please learn more about the disease. Be good roll models for you loving family. A good start is knowing what foods encourage diabetes, eating whole foods, and exercising more.
Grab the kids, the dog, drag the cat, and anyone else who will join and get some physical activity. Investigators have found that diet and exercise counseling resulted in a 58% reduction in diabetes risk amoung prime candidates; those who eat "dead food" and are sedentary.

The perfect storm. You don't want to tick off diabetes. It's nasty and, like a black hole, will slowly suck the life right out of you. A life too beautiful to waste one minute feeling poorly, especially when the disease is largely preventable. Eat from nature not a factory.
Give your kids the fuel they need which includes a fresh organic vegetables and whole grains with lunch and dinner. For extra help, younger kids need and prefer chewable vitamins.
You can do it. It's a family affair.
Bon Appetite'
Chef Wendell

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