Monday, February 4, 2008

Burgers Kill

Greetings and Salutations:
Let's face it. The human species likes to take risks. We drive without seatbelts,
bungee jump, free-fall, rock climb, you cheat on your spouse...well, you smell what I'm cooking.
As a culture, we've made hamburgers an American icon, but before you put that next burger into your eagerly awaiting mouth, please read on. Several days ago a news story broke from the Washington Post that a California slaughterhouse fired two employees for using inhumane and possibly illegal methods to sneak sick and hobbled cows past federal inspectors.
Undercover employees from the Human Society of the United States witnessed 'zealous' over use of electric prods to get sick cows on their feet and if that didn't work the cows were chained and draged down a ramp to the killing room. They would also use fork lifts with prongs to roll ailing animals along the ground. If you don't think the animal knows what's going on, think again my friend. All those fear hormones are released into the animal. Deeeelicious.
The meat was delivered to 36 schools including Indiana. Maybe this is why the Superintendants of Carmal Clay and Lawrence Township in Indiana vehemently refuse to let me into their kitchens to write an article regarding what they feed the children. Pathetic, isn't it.
Like cockroaches, if there is one cheating, then there there are others and it happens with horrifying regularity. This is not the way the Universe planned it.
Boca Burgers anyone? We need to say a prayer.
A Sad Chef Wendell

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