Thursday, May 26, 2011

Food is Sacred

With summer peaking, the solstice passed, our warm earth begins to cool, days get shortened while shiny plump crows caw over painted harvests and compost crusted gardeners and family farmers dance, sing, and reap in joyful celebration. 

The third sphere from the sun freely yields what grows on its bountiful surface. The ultimate recompense of human bumblebees seeding, growing and reaping food, herbs, and flowers from Earth’s gardens is to express; to create then harvest beauty and nourishment with inspiration drawn from the altruistic well of Nature’s soul. The plant world lives not in isolation but in sacrosanct interdependence with our shared earthly milieu.  Just as skin, bone, and brain form the whole of human carbon based organisms, edible plants are upstanding, indispensable human compatriots; equal members connected by our common oneness.
There's no form of food consumption more quixotic, satisfying and soul-stirring than eating what’s been recently harvested from a small garden plot or neighboring family farm.  Not much fossil fuel gets burned when plucking and reaping zucchini or sweet cherry tomatoes a few steps or blocks from the kitchen counter top. Green families feeding their clan from their sequestered vegetable plot squeeze pennies doing so.  Diligent gardeners are acquiring gigantic freezers together with an eagerness to resuscitate the ancient mysteries of canning. 

Growing and raising food and supporting local farmer is an excellent way to obtain the freshest, most nutritious energy-packed produce, often at reasonable prices. Wisdom decrees learning to store, temperature control, and preserve perishable plant foods. The American family throws away $500 of food annually due to poor product management.  Plant foods need a little help from their green friends. 
Like garlands of pearls, flower buds blossom expressing joy by putting forth their delicate, aromatic petals.  When a flower is respectfully picked for aesthetic delight, the Earth has a sense of well-being, for the Earth cheerfully shares its prosperity. For example, when the corn is reaped in the autumn or when animals graze on the plant growth, fostering Earth has a sensation of well-being such as that felt by the cow when its calf suckles milk.
A home filled with natures abundance has extraordinary energy; a delicious vibration of love and respect. Food is sacred; our supper tables an altar of gratitude to the Great Spirit.

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