Monday, January 18, 2010

Stevia Not Truvia-Corporate

Hail Stevia!
Savvy Americans are awakening from a slumber of blind-trust after discovering the white sugar they’ve been eating is a proven human toxin; not the least compatible with the needs of the holy temple’s biochemistry. Ergo plagues of diabetes, hypoglycemia, hypertension, elevated cholesterol and triglycerides, increased arterial plaque, immune suppression, insulin resistance, obesity, H1N1 and heart disease freely loiter about a once-healthy citizenry. Bluntly, sugar sucks.

Subsequently, enlightened Americans seek rational alternatives to sugar and trustingly reach for the omnipresent pink, blue, and yellow packages of sweet death. When shopping, strut by the Sweet and Low, made from succulent coal tar, skip the tasty neurotoxin Nutra-Sweet, then waltz past deceitful Splenda; another abomination of a loving cosmos’ creations. Jim Turner, Chairman of the Board of the Health Advocacy Group Citizens for Health describes varying degrees of gastro-intestinal problems resulting from Splenda use. "... from irritation all the way up to serious bleeding ulcers requiring surgery," says Turner. Other health professionals report cases of cardiac problems, various allergic reactions. Instead, grasp a friendly green box of Sweet Leaf Stevia. All others fall short, since they are chemically altered.

Stevia was discovered by 16th century by Spanish Conquistadors who learned about stevia from the local Guarani and Mato Grosso Indians who used stevia leaves to sweeten their medicines and teas. Unfortunately, it’s only recently become available to Americans. Think of stevia like oregano or basil; however it leaves a sweet taste. No need for processing.
Modern scientific interests in the Stevia plant dates to the early 1900’s, however sugar lobbyists fought hard to keep their addictive, Diabesity-inducing, immune-suppressing crystal crap on the shelves in a mind-numbing constellation of processed food sludge. White sugar is irrefutably addictive, wielding its insidious power over the brain similar to opiate drugs of abuse.
The average portly, diabetic and constantly-sick American eats nearly 150 pounds a year. (Visualize 15 ten-pound bags). Overindulgence; sugar be thy name.
Caveat Emptor; we won’t get fooled again! Truvia is not the real thing baby. Truvia is another monstrous contrivance from the nutritional terrorists at Cargill whose total indifference regarding the wellbeing of their fellow countrymen borders treason. ‘Truvia’, also known as rebiana, is made by taking the best leaves of the stevia plant, drying and soaking them then isolating the active compound. In a moment of false hubris, the damaged bullies at Cargill Corporation felt God-like and altered Stevia’s original molecular structure, marking its turf like a dog to own it outright; God weeps at such selfish superiority. Why can’t man leave God’s work alone? Sweet Leaf’s founder, Jim May told me Stevia is made with only two ingredients; inulin, a natural vegetable fiber and Stevia leaf extract. Inulin is beneficial to good digestive health as it stimulates the growth of good intestinal flora supporting immune function. Sugar, the pink, blue and yellow death offers no health recompense.

Unlike sugar, no health issues have been reported, that is, unless you eat 4 pounds a day and rub it all over your body then snort it. Indigenous Japanese, where Stevia’s very common, accepted sweetener, have safely used stevia for generations. Alternatively, sugar trashes our immune system. Do you smell what I’m cookin’?
With diabetes and obesity a huge financially-depleting national health problem, none of you dear readers deserve to innocently put anything into the temple that comprises health. Health is about food, not synthesized doo-doo. Yes, it’s getting creepy out there. More and more we’re reading newspaper and TV reports revealing yet another product we trusted is, alas, seasoned generously with immoral corporate greed. Knowledge is power.


yodasmith said...

Thank you for this great information!

I use SweetLeaf Stevia--both the SteviaPlus powder with inulin and the flavored liquids. It has 0 calories, 0 carbs, and a 0 glycemic index-- I understand the only stevia brand that retains all three of these properties from the stevia leaf.

Anonymous said...

exastStevita Co retains all 7 sweet crystals produced by the stevia leaves - as created by Nature...

Anonymous said...

Stevita Co retains all 7 sweet crystals produced by the stevia leaves - as created by Nature...