Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Grilled Cheese and Asparagus Recipe

Everyone loves the traditional American Icon, the Grilled Cheese Sandwich and tomato soup. We grew up on them with a steaming bowl of salty canned tomato soup. Well, how’s that working out for you? If you still make them with white bread, butter and Velveeta, well, you might consider altering the ingredients a bit to render this artery clogger a pleasantly satisfying, healthful lunch.
The processed white bread spikes blood sugar levels encouraging diabetes and contains nothing of any nutritional value. The Velveeta cheese is nothing but oil and then there’s the butter - well, you know.
This new version using Smart Balance, Soy Cheese and Whole Wheat Bread fools even my toughest critics; the grandkids. Simply don’t make a big deal of the change and no one will notice. Serve the sandwich with carrot, celery, radishes or broccoli pieces and buy BOXED soups in the healthy section of your grocers. Pacific brand is lovely. Brand name sops contain astronomical amounts of salt plus the interior lining of canned foods from coast to coast have been discovered to contain BPA; a carcinogen.
Prepare the classic sandwich in the traditional manner, over medium heat. You’ll be quite pleased.
Ingredients:Smart Balance MargarineEzekiel Bread-Loaded with fiber and proteinCarrot, celery, broccoli or asparagus spears as garnishGalaxie Brand Soy cheddar Cheese SlicesOrLow fat cheddar

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