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Food Coloring & Aggressive 'Bully' Behavior

Published August 13th, 2009
"Pass me those freakin’ M&M’s or I’ll rip off your face!”
Sound familiar? “Every day my child kicked, spit, hit, bit and punched. He had sudden, alarming mood changes accompanied by a spacey look, dark eye circles and bags under his eyes. When I stopped feeding him artificially colored foods at home and began packing him a brown-bag school lunch, once again he became my sweet, normal child.”
Highly reliable news sources on TV and radio report increased violence and aggression in children and adults. The bully syndrome occurs from the playground to the factory floor and into corporate boardrooms. No one likes a bully.

The morally famished fat-cats operating the food industry have known for decades that shoppers gravitate towards vibrantly colored foods, such as Skittles, Fruit Loops, M&M’s, psychedelic birthday cakes, orange farm-raised salmon, packaged red meat and pre-cut tuna steaks and cheese. Chicken, eggs and salmon are often artificially tweaked to appear appetizing. Plump chicken sitting on the supermarket shelf is likely to have been fed canthaxanthin, a pigment added to chicken feed to enhance poultry’s yellow color and make it look palatable. Egg-laying hens are also given dye with their feed, making egg yolks vary from light yellow all the way to bright orange.
Shoppers perceive these deceitful products as fresh and oh-so-tasty, but at a rather high cost to health. What food scientists don’t want known is the physiological consequences these man-made compounds cause the temple. Well, I do, because of the endless buffet of science supporting ADHD can be caused and worsened by artificial food colorings.
For example, The Oregonian reported European countries had already seized dozens of tons of farmed salmon from Chile contaminated with malachite green — a fabric dye banned in the U.S. as a suspected carcinogen. Pellets of orange dye are fed to otherwise grey-fleshed farm-raised salmon. The universe weeps.Dr. Andrew Weil continues, “The danger is the chemicals used to create color are energetic molecules, many of which are capable of interacting with and damaging DNA. Anything that damages DNA can injure the immune system, accelerate aging and increase the menace of cancer. Indeed, many synthetic food dyes once considered safe have turned out to be carcinogenic.”
Sadly, children whose precious little bodies are still developing are often the most vulnerable to the “smart bomb” marketing assault of artificially enhanced snacks, beverages and desserts which are the most likely to contain artificial color. Remember green ketchup?
Many parents swear dietary changes have helped their ADD child, yet most doctors and researchers deny food allergies or sensitivities can cause the behaviors associated with ADD or ADHD. Their conclusions were supposedly based on studies. Ritalin is highly profitable and often abused.

For those of you preparing for the return of H1N1, food colorings suppress immune function. Dr. Weil explains it has to do with the inhibition of movement of white blood cells to locations in the body where they are needed to fight infections. Read labels and do your best to avoid these pernicious colorings. You know what petroleum is? Well, that’s what artificial colors are made of, in addition to acetone and oh-so-mouth-watering coal tars. Oh, yeah, these colors are approved by the FDA.
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