Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Get Fresh with Antioxidants
Chef Wendell

‘Hard-Wired’ meat and potato groupies struggle to cuddle with fresh produce. Clearly, over decades of smart bomb marketing, malleable Americans have became hard-wired to disdain fresh produce from God’s Apothecary. Peculiar when one reflects humans were genetically designed to eat fresh produce.
TV was invented to sell TIDE. Face it, since its invention, powerfully influential TV advertisers circumvented food products that did not come from a cold, financially lubricated assembly line. Madison Avenue avoided promoting earthly delights simply because anyone could grow the nutritious gifts in their back yard. Instead, agribusiness preferred Americans to become reliant on a cannery or frozen, bagged versions. My compliments to the scientist!
There is a rumor the 12th Commandment Moses dropped coming down the mountain top, bespoke, ‘Thou Shalt Not Alter My Creations for Earnings”.
Renewable, sustainable organic produce is profitable to the small farmer who supports the local community; an unattractive concept to the Jolly Green Giant. Instead, agribusiness, bankers and semantics buoyed American ideals to depend on diminished, albeit, lucrative versions of ‘fresh’. Today, grocer’s shelves groan from the mass of food stripped of the healing force of Gods apothecary. It’s transparent why disease is pandemic. Americans are malnourished.
Before the Industrial Revolution, Americans were hunters and gatherers. After the industrial revolution, fresh took a back seat to convenience. During this time, influential health authorities informed citizens these accumulating chronic diseases were simply a ‘natural’ progression of aging. What a mound of steaming cow pies! The universe wishes it’s creations to flourish and be healthy well into advanced age.
Fifty years ago the feds began the systematically dismantling of the family farm; the backbone of America. Over half the people living in America at that time were happily living rurally or on a farm providing local villagers with life-sustaining plant foods. It is no coincidence that incidence of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity were much lower before the birth of processed foods and agribusiness.
Spanking fresh, antioxidant-redolent produce in its divine form supplies health-supportive phytochemicals needed to repair, rebuild, defend and support the temple. Antioxidants are nutrients in plant foods which prevent and slow oxidative damage to the temple. When cells use oxygen, they naturally produce free radical by-products which cause damage. Antioxidants act as "free radical scavengers" preventing and repairing their damage. Health troubles such as macular degeneration, accelerated aging, diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s are all worsened by oxidative damage.
A recent study by researchers from London found that 5 servings of fruits and vegetables reduce the risk of stroke by 25 percent. A serving is one-half cup. Antioxidants also enhance immune defense and therefore lower the risk of H1N1 infection. If one were to eat raw, wild blueberries they’d be eating one of the most antioxidant rich foods on the planet. Cooking them in a pie or eating them in a Pop Tart destroys their magical antioxidant mojo.
To obtain and preserve delicate, soft skin, thick, shiny hair, long, smooth fingernails, clear, bright eyes and a brilliant, gleaming smile, one needs to feed the temple from within with fresh raw, unprocessed plant foods. By eating old or genetically altered foods, Americans are missing out on antioxidants. This charter member of the phytonutrients family is the #1 defense against chronic disease.
Smell what I’m not cookin’?

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