Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Red Cabbage and Alzheimer's

After being a chef for decades, red cabbage was not on the top of the list of vegetable side dishes or cool salads. It turns other foods red and when you cook it, it looses it's brilliant color.

Now I'm more aware.

We often make Red Cabbage slaw at home with an oil and vinegar dressing with a touch of Stevia, sea salt, celery seed, onion, and black pepper. Red cabbage has much more protective compounds than white cabbage. There is 8 times the vitamin C in red cabbage over white cabbage. Both have anti-cancer virtues, also.

Food Science and Technology Magazine indicates that the Anthocyanins, antioxidant phoyphenols, in red cabbage can protect brain cells against the damage caused by amylolid-beta protein.

Do not over cook red cabbage or you will destroy the healing vitamins and plant compounds.

Protection from the heart break of Alzheimer's is in God's Apothecary. Go red! Try using shredded red cabbage as 'lettuce' on a sandwich. Loads of fiber.

Chef Wendell

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