Thursday, March 27, 2008

Italian Restaurants-White Flour Monuments

Think about this. We know from what science has discovered that too much refined, bleached,white flour, a simple carbohydrate like white rice, just goes to your waist, thighs, or your trunk.

You enter the restaurant. The place is lousy with 'Pavlovian' garlic fumes. Ahh, you order a dry red wine, and a basket of bread sticks arrives shiny from the oil or butter basting.
Then you order a pasta dish, made from flour, and eat a basketful of garlic bread dripping in garlic butter. Oh, yes, don't forget the croutons on the token salad.
Think about what you eat; what's is made from, who grew it; did they really dry each spaghetti from a tree branch. Practice conscious eating...slow down.
Anyway, it's a carbohydrate 'Love In'. Moderation in all things. There is now a lovely high-protein Quinoa Pasta on the market shelves as well as Buckwheat Soba, Spelt, and Italian Whole wheat pasta is far superior.
Peace and Good Health To All
We All deserve to Feel Good
Chef Wendell

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