Monday, March 3, 2008

Cooking For Life with Chef Wendell

Interested in taking that first step and a bit confused where to begin. Let Clairan West Medical Center's host Dr. William Sobat invite you to attend "Health Cooking with the Chef"
held monthly. For reservations, call Pat Money Maker: (317)-217-3675

So far the classes are filling up and soon there will be a waiting list because this is not your ordinary 'cooking class'. An entire dinner will be served, including a delicious dessert. Also, there will be nurses, me, and physicians there to answer your questions.

This month we focus on children and diabetes, a terrible pandemic overtaking out great country and shaking America's foundations. Our government could help, but they refuse. Too much money at stake so they invent 'acceptable losses". That's evil to the bone.

The diabetic pandemic is being approved intentionally by our government to fill the industrialized food lobbiest hospital coffers and to fill the Pharmacopoeia's lint lined pockets with 'dirty money'.

Our technology has exceeded our ethics. Go ahead Fat Cat, drink another Manhattan, pop your pills, drive your gas sucking auto, beat your dog, and sleep like a baby as others suffer at your hands. God weeps for all of your empty souls.

Chef Wendell

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