Saturday, December 11, 2010

The American Diet has Failed; Just Ask the US Army

God bless America, let the healing begin! Finally the first governmental admission the red, white, and blue American diet is, one bite at a time, making us chronically ill and chubby, eroding the foundation of a great nation’s health.

For decades it’s been going in one ear and out the other, but our US Army who historically marches on its stomach determined creating quality recruits starts at the chow line with real, honest-to-goodness, genuine food. They’re presently training soldiers to make healthier, fresher food choices, since the foods soldiers were taught to eat the last eight decades sabotaged their health preventing them from being the best they could be. This too applies to the Esprit de Corp and health of aging veterans throughout life’s tour of duty.

What’s placed into the temple affects everything significant to American society: health, happiness, employment, productivity, education, and freedom. Fueled by a fixed diet of industrial rubbish, more turn to violent crime, bullyism runs amok and good folks are defenseless to health skirmishes. Fox holed with disease rates, education failures, and morally unacceptable health care costs bankrupting families, America’s life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness plummets.

Standard, meat-heavy American food fare lacks fiber, bogging down digestion causing constipation and flatulence, impeding bowel evacuation. Food additives like gluten, dairy and corn, lead to fire-fights of flatulence. Toxic compounds entering your temple through factory feedlot animal husbandry and devitalized, processed grains hinder weight loss and increase the enemy of inflammation, the cause of 70% of America’s diseases. Got B.O.? When the temple cannot cleanse toxic waste through bowel movements, it rids food toxins through sweat glands and breath. Today, supermarket corn-fed meats are treated with carbon monoxide; not your grandpa’s happy, grass-fed cattle.

Courageous US troops are saying hello to fresh produce, granola, yogurt, beans, whole grains, guacamole and salsa and saying ‘hasta la vista, baby’ to unctuous biscuits and sausage gravy, cheese burgers with fries, white bread, and sugary beverages gurgling through their veins and arteries. While these foods titillate taste buds, they are IED’s to intellectual and physical health. In America 5000 die and 350,000 citizens become hospitalized, causalities of the American diet of, well, death. A diet allied to rapid aging, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, obesity, diabetes, leaving troupes defenseless to invading disease. In the 20-year CARDIA study, researcher’s tracked habits of 5,000 healthy adults living in four American cities and found everyday fast-food consumption was directly associated with changes in body weight and insulin resistance, a warning sign for type 2 diabetes. You might feel stimulated after sugary, fat-laden fast-food breakfasts, but when your blood sugar crashes later, both your brain and your body will have trouble marching in step. American seniors suffer too many sick days wasting away in bed, an inability to focus, failure to learn, and lack creativeness. More than an inactive lifestyle, smoking, and consuming booze, processed and canned foods are un-friendly interlopers to human health.

Clearly no one deserves being attacked by the low-grade foods we’ve been trained to consume. If patriotic Americans don't speak up and demand immediate, honest, changes to Big Food’s scruples and fraudulent food propaganda, we won't survive. America will fall, brought down by the consequences of a nutritionally deficient, chronically diseased population. It’s not easy shifting hard-wired eating traditions. The University Of Minnesota School Of Public Health says the typical American repast preys on man’s primordial fondness for fats, salts, and sugar.

A friend with serious heart disease, a serious battle of the bulge, and no colon due to cancer, still opts to eat, “…by golly, what I dam well please. I fought in two wars so I could have free choice”. In these battle-worn cases, wave the white flag then love them with all your heart because you cannot change the mind-set of, “You gotta die from somethin’.” Or, get real and be part of the solution.

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