Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pure Food: A healthy investment

After presenting my Eat Right Now program at a continuing education health conference in Chicago last week regarding Autism, ADD & ADHD, Celiac Disease and food allergies, I confidently proclaim my wacky passion regarding the subject of nutritional stewardship of the Temple as widely common. Yes, dear readers, it’s a disturbing thought, but there are millions of everyday folks and scientists who believe like me. The unanimous conclusion; our toxic American diet of dead food has led us into this health care ‘snafu’. So, please stop beating yourself up for being weak, chronically ill or overweight. It’s not your fault. Your taste buds and brain have been hijacked.
Deeply traditional Hoosiers can be an inflexible genus. This resistance to re-align self-destructive eating habits is displayed like an all-you-can-eat buffet by Indiana’s recent ranking as 44th unhealthiest state in the US. Hoosier risk-takers dread change; consequently, many good folks experience Alzheimer’s, ulcerated colitis, lousy cognition, exhaustion, costly hospital visits, or abridged life.
For decades I’ve encouraged faithful readers to eat fresh, pure local food and to avoid food-like substances extruded from machinery and GMO plant foods. It’s a hard-sell. Americans are deceived and programmed by fuzzy advertising, the FDA, and Big Food to eat profitable troughs of industrial-strength twaddle composed of by-products not in the least compatible with the temples cellular requirements. Do you know the ingredients of soy burgers; scrumptious residue from soy milk production and my personal favorite, hexane? Ack! Wouldn’t it be nice if over the last century food industrial Fat Cats focused on premium, celestially-endorsed human nutrition rather than profiting from dregs.
The 25 to 45 age group lived their entire lives thus far eating pre-packaged, prepared food; that’s all they’ve known. However, these parents set the stage for future illness. You may recall when I observed mother and child shopping the produce section. Mom selected pre-packaged, pre-cut veggies basted in MSG. Attracted to the display of fresh broccoli, her child pointed in curiosity. As if it were rock of meth, a dour faced Mom said, “Oh, you wouldn’t like that. I’ll give you a Pop Tart when we get home”. On the plus side, due to Food Inc and Omnivore’s Dilemma, it’s inspires hope to see the growing number of ‘green’ teens who get it.
Change is the one constant in our lives. Each week, make a change for the better that will improve metabolism, brain function, and the Temple’s ability to self-heal. Refreshing the Temple by clearing out the processed debris in the pantries, refrigerators, and medicine cabinets is a good start. Affirm to wake up each morning and eat for health by choosing fresh, seasonal, chemical-free, nutrient-rich, organic foods which replenish the reserves drained by the poor quality foods you have been living on. Unlock the dietary door to rejuvenation and glowing health. You deserve the best.

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