Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Time to get Back to the Garden

We’ve Got To Get Ourselves Back to the Garden
On countless levels a universal awakening has begun; the foreseen, eagerly anticipated age of enlightenment, peace and understanding. The slumbering beast has awakened; experiencing a burning-bush moment. Success ensues when we get out of the way. Enlightening your green food mentality simply indicates you’re learning and growing; the reason of being on this earthly plane. Americans have been undernourished for 100 years. Disease rates have grown exponentially in parallel with increased human consumption of dead machine cuisine. Post Industrial Revolution food processing practices are at the root of the health care catastrophe; not us. To apply blame to this lunacy we only need to face Capitol Hill’s good-ole-boys and their obedient Agribusiness lap-dogs. You didn’t cause disease rates to soar; they did. It was their inexpert RDA’s. Our only blunder; we trusted. Poor, substandard food, seasoned with colorfully decorated deception, raw greed and smart-bomb misinformation is enthusiastically endorsed by the deadened FDA. Plus, our ‘leaders’ pat themselves on the back, seek photo-ops and constituent approval for sending low-grade food to distressed third world countries, however, the ‘foods’ they dispatch are inferior to what ‘s ingeniously available to these downtrodden. White rice, AP flour, sugar, succulent military MRE’s, valueless canned food with BPA and canned Spam are all nutritional insolvent and exacerbate disease, providing little or no substantial nutrition, just unoccupied calories and self aggrandizement. Why not hold a gun to their heads?

Time’s ripe for ‘green’ free-thinkers to confront America’s current food Zeitgeist of industrial-strength, almost, but not quite edible food-like substances and then to return to a more preordained, lucid, wholesomely Locavore approach of eating and living designed by the great creator. The current limelight on health indicates an admission we’ve been wrong, however, no one is held culpable. Shopping with the grand kids one afternoon, they noticed one section dedicated to ‘Health Foods’. Their astute observation, “Grandpa, if this is the healthy section, does it mean all the other food is unhealthy?”
….And a child will lead them.

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