Monday, December 14, 2009

Slim Fast Skullduggery

If you’re snug and comfy with malnutrition and tossin’ your cookies, sugary Slim-Fast, the expensive glucose-laden, nutritionally bogus milk supplement is for you. Actually, take it back to the store ASAP.

Ten million cans of Slim-Fast are currently on recall due to the presence of Bacillus cereus, a common, soil-dwelling bacteria scuba-diving inside the cans.The cause: human oversight. Bacillus cereus is the only living ingredient in Slim-Fast’s otherwise palled, dead ingredients which have been pasteurized, processed, tweaked, refined and cooked, void of any redeeming virtues. Any drink touted as a weight-loss tool made chiefly from processed, refined sugar-water and milk should be prohibited from being sold. Slim Fast’s careful not to make specific claims of weight loss, but the beverages are clearly marketed as a weight-loss tool. Apparently they deem Americans badly informed and gullible.

Big Food’s marketing behaviorists subliminally train Americans to lust for convenience, the IED-embedded path to healthiness. The Slim-Fast diet plan is mind-numbingly simple. Open a can and drink it, “…and we pray to the money gods you don’t have the awareness to decode the ingredient label.” The four main ingredients of the junk-food beverage are skim milk, sugar, fructose and cocoa. Further ingredients include various vegetable oils, emulsifiers and a worthless stew of pharmaceutical synthetic vitamins our cells don’t comprehend. Artificial vitamins, cheaply manufactured and peddled in supermarket pharmacies, lack the essential molecular structure of the absorbable cold-processed food versions (Usana is #1) and are ineffectual and unlikely to improve the body’s cells; hence the idiom “Dead Food.” Because it’s sold in a can, the vessel’s internal lining is likely loaded with plastics containing Bispheol-A (BPA). Research links BPA in canned foods to infertility, prostate and breast cancer. What a mess.

If you honestly want to lose weight properly and become more energetic, beautiful and healthy, focus on calories-in versus calories-burned. However, this means the quality of your food choices become vitally important. It’s not rocket science that most contemporary chronic disease would vanish if Americans ate preordained, healthy whole foods from the generous Cosmic Apothecary.
However, humans diminish the quality factor of calories choosing artificial flavor and instant gratification over nourishment. Staying healthy requires nutritional literacy, effort and possibly sacrificing one of your favorite dead foods for a living version.
You’ve got a potentially explosive predicament when attempting to lose extra chunk in the trunk with this depraved liquid nonsense. Eat less; focus on fresh, pure and clean foods and drinks; exercise and say farewell to short-term Snake Oil. You’re smarter than that. Evoke the “if it sounds too good to be true” rule.

The truth can be ugly and elusive. I express regret for pooping in your cereal, but there are no weight-loss miracles. With nutritional literacy you won’t need Big Food manipulating your health equity or waist-line.

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