Monday, April 20, 2009

Eating is Sacred; Eating is Love

Food is love: Is the family diet pure?
Published April 16th, 2009

By Chef Wendell
Put the fork down for a brief moment, swallow, take a deep breath and visualize the family dinner table as an altar of worship and gratitude. No, I don’t mean pray there are no Brussels sprouts or — God forbid — dark leafy greens lurking.

Eating is sacred. Eating is love. The spirit and nutrition within our food choices becomes part of our mind, body and spirit, who we were meant to become. The nearer we eat with our natural design, the closer we are to creation. In order to flourish, however, food must be sacred, unadulterated — in its original packaging. It’s a stretch when we petition creation to “Bless this (dubious) food to the nourishment of our body.”Are we futilely beseeching the universe to turn dead food into wholesome, body-healing nourishment? Recently I politely questioned a gal who deep fries everything in 365 degree pig lard how-in-tarnation she justifies the self-inflicted, physical attack on her holy temple?

“Oh, that’s simple. I pray for forgiveness before I eat it,” she replied. Say what? Let me get this straight. We can knowingly smoke three packs a day, drink alcohol to excess, shoot crack, eat artery-clogging pig lard through a straw and then request and be given celestial clemency?
If you’ve been avoiding eating from nature’s garden, crunch this fresh information from the CDC, who recently announced cancer will be the No. 1 cause of death in America by 2010. More than ever America must consider eating daily from the preventive Universal Apothecary. Avoiding the big C is a crispy, sun-blest garden vegetable entrĂ©e away. Cancer has many roots. Other than genetic predisposition and environmental causes, eating against our design hastens cancer’s undesirable tap-tap at the door. Are you innocently extending the welcome mat? Yep — but it’s not all your fault. The contrived, outdated, profit-fueled Standard American Diet (SAD) template we’ve trusted for decades has created a deeply rooted pandemic of disease with subsequent, financially debilitating health care costs. The establishment, however, refuse to update their standards. It would cost too much. It’s us versus them.

The ethereal superiority and nutritional accessibility to clean foods the human body absorbs from heavenly plant foods is essential for a joyful, sanctified disease-free life. We simply got Shanghaied along our way via aggressive, smart-bomb marketing. Big business and food politics encourage the consumption of their un-holy translation of wholesome food rather than God’s versions. Take a look around. You’ll view a great nation awash with largely preventable disorders such as obesity, diabetes, digestive disorders, cancer and heart disease — all profoundly affected by our daily, taken-for-granted food choices. We can do better.
If previously trusted food is spiritually and nutritionally counterfeit due to socially irresponsible processing and soulless manufacturing, the holy temple cannot apply it’s of sacredness to disease prevention, stewardship. Food is a gift of the universe, it is blessed and becomes part of our worship, a part of the greatness we were designed to enjoy.

Anecdotally speaking, not only was I nutritionally challenged half my life, but my body and mind were incapable of becoming who I am until I cuddled up to a whole-foods, pure diet and said so-long to Machine Cuisine. Eating against nature dulled my intrinsic writing and speaking skills, rendering me unable to become that for which I was created.

At long last, by way of accepting whole-foods nutrition, at 40 years of age, I discovered who and what I am — my life’s mission. It took education and an open mind to permit the empowering transcendence. You can do it.You’ll be fond of the new person that evolves out of sacred eating behavior. We are what we eat.
Created by the universe, man came with a set of instructions to sustain the health of the holy temple. Stewardship respects the purpose for which things were made. “The Lord has made everything for its purpose” (Prov. 16:4).

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nick Horner said...

I've explained to Luke that sometmes people make promises ,(as you did to him on the phone) with-out thinking them thru-
We also expained to the school corp and the new community center that we will have to go in another direction for our 1st annual health fair. Sorry for the mix-up but we learned a valuable lesson:
before Luke may go on TV we should wait and see because credability with show business people might change. When God closes a door he opens another and so our community is already gettng involved with our health fair with creditable an non- show business qualified people. Again sorry for the mis-understanding , and thanks for the lesson of show business. Good Luck and God Bless you Wendell we believe in you,and good luck w your new cook book

Nick Horner